Channa Mereya 5th October 2022 Written Update: Aditya and Ginni gets into an argument


Channa Mereya 5th October 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya tells Ginni salt is less in the pasta which mades Ginni to react that made Aditya laugh. Supreet and Amber watches this from outside. Amber gets angry. Supreet tells Amber they both looks adorable together. She then wishes for their happiness to God. She also thanks Amber for listening to her suggestions to take Aditya’s help which lead them to solve the problem. Amber remains silent.

Aditya apologises to Ginni for his behavior earlier saying that he showed his anger unnecessarily on her which isn’t meant to be. He also tells he has so much work to do and he is worried about it. Ginni tells Aditya apologising to someone is not his cup of tea so asks him to not to apologise to her. She then advices him to focus on his work and tells her father used to say that the one who work hard will definitely get what they are yearning for and decides to leave but Aditya stops her.

Aditya jokes at her that she can become a motivational speaker. He also suggests her to come with him to office from next day because she can spread positivity everywhere which annoys Ginni so she tries to leave the place but Aditya stops her and asks her to have pasta with him. She obliges and they both have pasta together.

Aditya takes Ginni’s hand and put a spoon full of pasta in her knuckles then eats it which surprises Ginni. They both share an eye lock. Aditya then distances himself from Ginni and tells her not to think this pasta is his payment for his help for her on the dhaba because for him it’s a half payment and she is yet to do something to fulfill the payment for his help. Ginni argues with him by asking him to consider the pasta she made is his payment but Aditya refuses saying she has to pay for him and he will get it.

Gurleen tries to call Harjeet and pleads to attend her calls and when he doesn’t she wipes her tears away. Shailaja enters the room and tells her that was busy with her friends at the kitty party that’s why she unable to talk to her. She then blames Ginni for not doing what she asked her to as she already asked her to provide food to her which she didn’t. Gurleen remains silent. Shailaja asks Gurleen is she having proper medicine. Gurleen assures her she is fine and taking proper medicine. Shailaja asks her is she informed her in law’s that she reached home safely. Gurleen doesn’t say anything so Shailaja decides to call Navneet which worries Gurleen.

Shailaja gets surprised when Navneet doesn’t answer her calls. She decides to call Harjeet but he also not answers her calls which leads Shailaja to question is everything fine with her and her in law’s relationship. Gurleen lies everything is fine and asks Shailaja to not to worry saying both must be busy in their work. Shailaja doesn’t get convinced.

Ginni who brought food for Gurleen says to herself that she is sure Gurleen is hiding something from them which she has to find out to solve the issue but it’s not the right time to ask her so decides to ask Gurleen when the right time comes. Marleen returns home and wonders where the sheath pack and worries what will happen if someone from the family members gets it. Later Aditya is busy doing his work in his laptop. Ginni sees this and asks him to go to sleep because tomorrow is an important day for him and he needs to take rest. Aditya tells her he will.

Ginni takes Aditya’s clothes to check whether he kept something important in it before sending the clothes to wash. She recalls Gulraj’s advice to always check before washing the clothes especially men who are their husbands because they forget it in their packet itself and tells she washes Kushwant’s dress with his expensive watch in it with five times and laughs. The FB ends. Ginni takes the things from Aditya’s shirt pocket one by one. Aditya starts searching for something. Ginni gets shocked when she sees the sheath pack. She gets angry recalling her earlier conversation with Aditya. She asks Aditya what he is searching.

Aditya tells her something important. Ginni tells him angrily that he wont get it also he wont get succeed in his plans which confuses Aditya so he asks her what is she saying. Ginni tells Aditya her friends are right that all men are same they are after one thing only but she thought he was different but she is wrong. Aditya gets more confused so stops her from speaking and asks her to tell what she is talking about. Ginni shows him the sheath pack and accuses his intentions.

Aditya brings her closer to him and asks her she stayed with him all this time but she is thinking him like this? He then removes his hold on her and tells her that he is going to sleep and decides to not to sleep inside the room because Ginni might imagine that he wants to take advantage of her and takes his things and leaves the place. Ginni closes the door. Other side Gulraj recalls Aditya and Ginni’s interaction and wishes their happiness to God. Goldie comes there and pleads her to come home but Gulraj refuses also reminds him the importance of the dhaba and sends him out.

Ginni realises that she reacted a little too much and worries that Aditya may fall sick so she takes a blanket with her and goes to where he was sleeping. She covers him with the blanket then decides to leave but Aditya stops her in his deep slumber and starts blabbering it’s not him who bought the sheath. Ginni gets upset that her words affected Aditya this much so she calms him down and puts her head on his chest and apologises to him.

Precap: The worker gives books to Ginni saying it was send by Aditya. Ginni decides to arrange the book in the book rack. She takes one by one book unaware her father’s diary is there. Amber comes there and gets shocked seeing the diary which is in Ginni’s hand. Ginni looks on.

The episode starts with Ginni stops Aditya from having food thinking it’s a new cook but gets shocked seeing Aditya. Ginni asks him is he know it is she. Aditya asks her how is her surprise for her. Ginni acts and says that she knows its him only which makes Aditya to smile at her. The Grewal’s watches their interaction with a smile on their face. Gulraj prays God for both Aditya and Ginni’s happiness. She then goes to Ginni and expresses her happiness that the singer liked the food served to him by them. Both Simran and Goldie arrived there. Santo tells the singer’s plan to put their dhaba’s name in social media to make it viral.

Goldie and Simran gets shocked. Aditya receives a call and asks what which makes everyone confused. In Singh’s mansion the guests asks Gurleen why she didn’t informed the family members about her arrival atleast they shouldn’t have get surprised. Gurleen remains silent. Aditya and Ginni reaches the home. Ginni tells the guests that Gurleen did informed her about her arrival but she forget to tell everyone about it and apologises for it which makes the guest stop questioning Gurleen.

Aditya and Ginni makes an excuse to go inside while they are walking past the guests Ginni tells Aditya that she lied to the guests to save Gurleen which shocks Aditya so he asks what which made everyone to look at both of them. Ginni forces a smile and takes Aditya aside. She then tells him the reason behind Gurleen return home must be huge so asks Aditya to talk to Gurleen and learn the reason. Aditya tells her he cant because he have an important meeting also he is not any actor where the actor can be seen in both the places in his movies.

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