Channa Mereya 6th July 2022 Written Update: Aditya warns Supreet


Channa Mereya 6th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aditya and Amber sits on the tractor. The host says that the one who takes part in the competition should be from Amritsar and asks who he is. Aditya asks the host ask this to Amber Singh. Amber looks on.

Aditya’s dada ji asks the host to start the competition because he is from their Amritsar only and whoever wins the competition that the trophy will be belong to his family only. The host announces the competition has started. One of the lady from the audience cheers up for Aditya and says now it’s an equal competition and tells Surpreet that she has a smiling face so she is enjoying the competition with the smile on her face.

Both Aditya and Amber increases the speed of the tractor. The host tells no one ever won the competition against Amber so now it will be interesting to watch whether Aditya can break this record of Amber or not. Aditya recalls his father’s insults since childhood and increases the speed of the tractor with determination.

Amber also gives thought fight. Dada Ji and Armaan cheers up for Adi. Adi wins the competition shocking Supreet and Amber. Dada Ji Armaan and others looks happy. His relative taunts Supreet happily and praises Aditya. Dada Ji goes and starts dancing with the other people. Armaan also joins him.

One of their relative tells that he have never seen dada ji looks this happy. The host tells the one who break the record of Amber Singh is none other than his son Aditya and calls both of them to get a trophy. Both Aditya and Amber gets down and looks at each other.

Amber tells Aditya that he failed to win the chef competition what he thinks that defeating his father will give him a satisfaction of losing the chef competition. Aditya says that he isn’t here to compromise his lose but to make sure to break the overconfidence of someone’s constant winning in the competition.

He also taunts that he is not interested in defeating a failure man but there is necessary to defeat those people some times. Amber tells that he accepts both winning and losing and he is pitying about Aditya who tries to humiliate others to hide their failure. Aditya says that not even he has done anything such yet though what will happen to him if he done something.

Their relative comes there and praises Aditya. Aditya’s aunt taunts Supreet. Supreet congrats Aditya and asks him is he not going to take blessings from his mother. Aditya walks past her and lights up the banner with fire shocking everyone. He then tells Supreet that she is not his mother so asks her not to try to act like one.

Their relative enjoys this. Amber tries to go behind Aditya but Supreet calms him down. Amber leaves the place angrily. The relative of Singh taunts Supreet and asks her to be careful then leaves the place. Other side the guests comes to Ginni’s father’s birth anniversary. Everyone looks for Ginni and the latter comes there with Kheer in her hand. She then dances with the guests then recalls her dancing with her father.

Aditya comes to house and enquires the staff’s about his late mother’s things. One of them says it’s in store room which angers Aditya who says that he wont let his mother’s memories go away from them then goes to store room. He takes his mother’s dupatta and recalls his memories with her and wraps her shawl around him.

Ginni wishes her late father a happy birthday and asks the photo of her father that is everything as per his wish only and apologises to him if anything is less and says that she is trying to walk on the path he has shown her. She imagines her father telling her that she is doing everything fine.

Aditya takes a handprint and recalls his memories with his mother. He then takes blessings from the handprint. He also recalls that he telling his mother after he grow up he will buy a hotel on her name in this they both and dada ji will be there. His mother makes a changes in his drawing and tells her the way she wants the hotel.

Aditya tells that the people around here may try to vanish her memories but he wont never let them succeed and hugs the sketch. Ginni’s mother calls Ginni and shows the money they earned. Ginni tells her mother that she already told her that her father made this hotel on his own so it will always help them and hugs her. Bua Ji comes there and praises Ginni for the arrangements she made for her late father birth anniversary.

Ginni’s mother praises her saying she takes care of everything but there is no one to take care of her. She is worried about Ginni’s marriage. Bua Ji assures Gulraj that there must be someone who God made for Ginni so asks her not to worry about it. Aditya asks the broker to show him a location which he described him already but the latter asks him to see other lands but Aditya aska him to only take him to the place which he already told him if there is any.

The broker says there is one place but he is sure they wont agree to give the land but Aditya says he will see that and reaches the Ginni’s dabba and takes his drawing and recalls his mother’s words and says this is the place he wants. Aditya says he will get everything he wants. Ginni tells her mother that until they have their dabba they don’t have to be afraid about anything. Aditya says he want this dabba at any cost and looks on.

Precap: Aditya brings food prepared by him to the dining room where everyone is having food already. Dada Ji asks him is he the one who cooked all the food. Aditya taunts Amber and Supreet. Other side Ginni tells her mother she will call everyone and provide them catering service if they are in need. Aditya comes there and gives Ginni a cheque worth ten lakhs. Ginni says their food is not that expensive to which Aditya says this isn’t for her catering service but he want the dabba so he is paying this shocking Ginni.

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