Channa Mereya 8th August 2022 Written Update: Aditya is in dilemma


Channa Mereya 8th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Goldie and Ginni watches Aditya taking him with someone. Rajvant comes there and greets both Goldie and Ginni. He then asks her to call him Dadji and then asks her to go inside and take the pan which they uses for making prasad. Ginni obliges and goes inside. Aditya takes Sam inside a room. He asks her is she want him to write and show it to everyone that he don’t want to marry her or anyone. He also asks her to stop her emotional drama and gives her a ticket to Vancouver and asks her to leave it. Sam tells her she isn’t doing any emotional drama. She wants him to marry her and she is here to take what she wants with her rights. Ginni comes to where Aditya and Sam is.

Sam tells Aditya that she is pregnant and shows him the ultrasound copies with her and tells him that this is the proof of what she is telling. She further adds that he asked her the other day all of sudden how did she started loving him. This is the reason. Ginni hears a sound from the room so she walks towards the room but Aditya closee the door so Ginni walks away from there. Aditya gets a call from Rajvant and tells him he will be there then asks Sam to not to say this to any of the family members then leaves the place until he returns and they can talk about it.

In the puja room Rajvant tells the priests the reason behind him conducting this puja is he wanted his grandson Aditya to return to Amritsar which God has fulfilled. The priests also praises God. Aditya comes there followed by Simran but Ginni fails to notice Simran who comes there to take blessings of God. Simran aka Sam sees this so she goes and hides herself. Aditya and Ginni goes forward and prays to God. One of the flower falls near by Ginni which no one notices is. The Singh’s gets shocked seeing Ginni there. Ginni goes and sit behind Amber who glares at her. Rajvant asks Aditya why he seems worried and enquires about Sam. Aditya gets confused not seeing Sam so he makes an excuse and goes out. Simran from her hiding spot thinks that she has to do something that will make her get rid off both Goldie and Ginni. The priest asks Rajvant about prasad. Rajavant tells them its Ginni who will make that. The priest starts praising Ginni. They then asks her to do the ritual which has to done by the person who makes prasad. Ginni obliges and goes forward.

Cheema family comes there and the Singh’s goes to greets them. They all gets happy seeing one another. Harnas searches for Aditya but she fails to find him. Amber takes Rajvant away and asks him why did he allowed Ginni here even after what they have done during Gurleen’s marriage. Rajvant tells him the one who makes prasad for God is supposed to have pure intentions which he finds it in Ginni so he gave her this opportunity. Other side Shampy and Dimpy enjoys the food made by Ginni. Gulraj decides to call Ginni to learn is everything is okay in Singh’s house.

Ginni assures Gulraj to not to worry about Goldie or her because everything is fine here though. She then goes to the kitchen where she finds Goldie not even done a single thing to help her prepare for the puja but walking here and there. Ginni asks him the same to which Goldie tells her that he feels Simran’s presence more after entering this house. Ginni gets upset and angry and warns him not to mess up anything if he does then she will forget they are brother sisters shocking Goldie. She then asks him to help her in the kitchen and Goldie obliges.

Simran tells herself that she did so much to get rid off the city named Amritsar and the loser Goldie who can’t able to give her the life she wants and went to Vancouver where she get rid off her identity and become Sam. All she has done not to ruin everything. She has to do something to never let Ginni and Goldie reach her out. Aditya recalls his childhood days. Armaan comes there and asks him what happened. Aditya tells him that Sam is pregnant with his child which shocks Armaan. He also shows him the proof of ultrasound copies also few other forms. Armaan tells Aditya that he is too innocent that’s the reason he falling into Sam’s trap and asks him to use his brain. Sam comes there and asks Armaan to not to say anything which he don’t have any idea about.

She then tells Aditya that she will respect his decision even if he dont want to marry her. She will raise their child as a single mother because after realising a child is in her womb like every other mothers she is choosing her baby over anything and everything in this world. She also talks about a single mother’s struggle. She then also asks Aditya to think and decide and asks him not to turn like his father who he hates the most. Sam then says after puja she will tell his family she wants to marry him and he can tell his decision which she will respect it and leaves the place. Aditya looks on confusedly.

Ginni makes prasad. She receives a call from Santu so she goes out to talk to her. Simran comes there and hides herself seeing Ginni. She hears the conversation Ginni having with her friend Santu. Ginni learns that Simran Simran stayed in a hotel in Amritsar. She tell her friend once she finishes her work in Singh’s house they can go to the hotel to enquire about Simran then leaves the place. Goldie wonders what to do with the prasad. He switches off the flame to search for Ginni. Simran thinks to make sure that she removes all her proof which she left in the hotel at any cost.

Goldie comes there and gets shocked seeing Simran. He calls her by her name. Simran sees him then runs away and Goldie follows her. Ginni gets worried not finding Goldie so she goes to search for him. Goldie entere Marleen’s room when he sees Simran is entering. Marleen scolds him and calls Shailaja. Goldie pleads her not to call Shailaja and apologises to her but the latter refuses to listen to him. Ginni comes there and apologises to Marleen and pleads her not to make this as a big issue. Marleen looks on.

Precap: Aditya asks Ginni’s advice to choose a right path. Later he goes infront of Cheema’s family taking Sam with him and tells them that he isn’t interested in marrying Harnas which shocks everyone.

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