Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Written Update: Ginni seeks God’s help to find Simran


Channa Mereya 9th August 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ginni apologises to Marleen for Goldie entering her room. Marleen asks what kind of brother he is who is making her apologises to everyone. She then warns him not to do anything such. Goldie and Ginni agrees and leaves the place. Shailaja asks Sam what is she doing here. She then takes her inside the puja room saying all are waiting for her. Ginni scolds Goldie for his behavior but the latter tells him that he saw Simran. Ginni gets upset. In puja room Harnas sees Sam so she goes to Aditya and asks him why he didnt say anything about his friend. Aditya sushes her.

Cheema’s notices it. Amber asks Supreet what is the need for Aditya to bring Sam infront of Cheema’s family. Their plan may get ruined. Supreet tries to calm him down. Ginni asks Goldie to leave right away. Goldie recalls seeing Simran but leaves the place. Ginni thinks Goldie is going crazy because of Simran. Aditya comes there. He gives her gloves. He also asks her whether she need his help. Ginni tells she is fine. She then tells him the puja is conducted by Rajvant because he returned from Vancouver. Aditya forces a smile and decides to leave the place.

Aditya goes back to Ginni and asks her he wants to ask her something if she dont mind. Ginni asks him to ask. Aditya asks her if she ever read holy books. Ginni tells him that her everyday starts and end reading holy books. Aditya tells her that he didn’t get a chance to read holy books in his life. He then asks her what a person has to do according to holy book when he is confused to choose right path in the most important decision of his life.

Ginni tells him that Kuswant used to tell during puja God is the one who always help them find the right path in life’s every step. She may tell few examples from holy book to choose right path but in real it wont help that much. She asks him to take part in the puja with pure intention and clear mind that will lead him to understand what’s God’s plan for him. Aditya thanks her then goes to the puja room. The puja takes place. Aditya recalls Ginni’s words and looks lost in thought. The priest reads a holy book lines and tells the meaning to everyone. They all then chant God’s name and stands from their place. Rajvant asks Aditya to stand when he sees him sitting lost in his thought.

Aditya obliges and performs the puja. Ginni comes there with prasad. She pleads God to help her finding Simran’s whereabouts. Sam sees Ginni so she tries to leave the place but Shailaja stops her and asks her to be here until the puja is over. Sam tells her she isn’t feeling well so she has to leave but Shailaja refuses saying God will help her get rid off her weakness. Ginni enters the puja room and puts the prasad infront of God’s idol. Sam leaves the place without anyone noticing her. She then stops in her track when someone catches her hand. She turns around and gets relived seeing Aditya is the one who held her hand so she turns around. Shailaja jokes at Sam and Aditya.

Rajvant asks Ginni to serve prasad to everyone and the latter obliges. Simran tries to cover her face with shawl. She then decides to leave the place before Ginni sees her. Ginni provides prasad to everyone. She comes near Simran. Akash interrupts and tells Ginni to give him prasad. Ginni gives him. She then goes to give prasad to everyone. Simran once again tries to leave but Rajvant stops her and calls Ginni to give prasad to Sam. Ginni obliges and comes to Simran. Akash once again come there. He tells the prasad is tasty and asks Ginni to give him some more.

Ginni gives him. Akash leaves but he bumps into Simran and the latter turns around. Ginni sees her and gets shocked. Simran and Ginni stares at each other. Simran leaves the place. Aditya follows her and asks her what happened. Sam tells him she isn’t feeling well. Aditya tells her he will bring her medicine but the latter tells him she will manage it but Aditya refuses. Harnas comes there so Simran leaves the place. Harnas asks Aditya about his relationship with Sam. He doesn’t say anything and leaves the place. Harnas gets upset.

Ginni catches Simran and asks her what is she doing here. She asks why she didn’t contacted them after she left them. She also tells her that her brother is going crazy without her in his life. Sam acts and tells Ginni that she dont know who she is and what she is talking about so asks her to not to annoy her. She further warns her not to call her her sister in law because they dont have any relationship then leaves when she sees Goldie is coming there looking for Ginni. Ginni thinks that she has to confirm whether she is Simran or not until then she has to keep Goldie out of this. She then asks Goldie what is he doing here. Goldie tells that he is here to take his phone. Ginni tells him they both can leave together.

Rajvant gives things to the priests and the latter leaves the house. Cheema’s family calls Amber and they asks his opinion about Aditya and Harnas alliance which they talked about it before also. Mr.Cheema asks to call Aditya because they want to know his opinion also. Aditya comes there with Simran. Everyone sees Aditya and Simran is holding hands. Aditya thanks Mr.Cheema for his decision to ask his opinion about this marriage and tells he isn’t interested in marrying Harnas also he is planning to marry Sam which shocks everyone.

Precap: Ginni calls Aditya and pleads him to let her talk to Simran once. Aditya tells her that he doesn’t know anyone whose name is Simran. Ginni gets confused and gets determined to find the truth by once again meeting Simran at any cost. Rajvant gets confused by Aditya’s declaration so he confronts him. Aditya tells him he is in a place which lead him to take such decision if he don’t approve his decision then he will go back to Canada with Sam which shocks Rajvant.

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