Channa Mereya Upcoming Story: Ginni to confront Aditya about his deal with Goldie!


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Starbharat’s show Channa Mereya is gearing up with an interesting drama with Goldie fulfilling the promise he made to Aditya by giving him the agreement papers and the latter expecting an opportunity to snatch the dhaba from the Grewal’s meantime Gulraj and Ginni have a second thought about their decision to provide catering services to the Singh’s.

Now it will be interesting to see what will happen next? Will Ginni decide to back away from the oppurtunity to given by Rajvant? Will Gulraj and Ginni learn about Goldie’s betrayal?

In the current track it shown that Aditya telling the directions to Ginni and take her to the market to buy things for the upcoming event. Aditya taunts Ginni while buying vegetables. Ginni also mock him. She then demands him to change few changes in the menu.

Goldie gives the agreement paper to Aditya and the latter tells Armaan soon Ginni will realise what kind of mistake she made by accepting Rajvant’s order. Gulraj gets worried about the expenses and shares it with Ginni and asks her to think about it again.

Ginni and Gulraj tells Goldie about them having a second thought to take this huge order. Rajvant visits the Grewal’s and invites them to the marriage functions by giving them the invitation card. The Grewal’s gets happy with Rajvant’s gesture.

In the upcoming episode it will be shown that Aditya will ask the worker to stop all their works until he meets them. He will enter the kitchen and teaches how to chop the vegetables. He will then notice the way Ginni holding a pan. He will taunt her for not knowing how to held a pan and goes behind her to teach how to hold.

Ginni will get shocked. Later Ginni will confront Aditya with the agreement papers. Aditya will ask her to talk to Goldie about this. He will also taunt her about her views about family.

Ginni will get furious and tell him he can never be able to break the bond between the Grewal’s and tell him that she is putting an end to his game plans by quitting it. Aditya will look on.

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