Chashini Upcoming Story: Farhad plots against Chandini


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Star Plus’s newly launched show Chashini. As different as chalk and cheese, Chandini and Roshni grow up as inseparable sisters. This show is gearing up for more drama when a tragedy sours their relationship.

In the recent episode we see, Chandini starts her job with zeal, but her co-workers humiliate her on Tarun’s orders. However, Chandini brushes off every obstacle in her path. Chandini took Tarun’s permission to go out to use the washroom. He demands her to return asap, reasoning they won’t wait for anyone.

Tarun teases her that Maanav should build a washroom for her as he gave the job to her. Chandini uses the washroom outside and refuses to drink water and not to use the washroom again.

Tarun scolds her when she is late. The Chopras are overjoyed when Roshini throws a party to celebrate Chandini’s success. At the party, Bindu asks Manav to confess his feelings for Chandini. Chandini meets Raunaq at the party.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; The sub-jailor will inform the Jailor that Sanjay Chopra from room no.33 has run away. Raunaq will flirt with Chandini. Tarun and Farhad join their hands against Chandini.

Chandini will slap Raunaq and close his mouth. Raunaq will complain that Chandini treating a handsome guy as an assistant of hers. Sanjay will escape from the mental asylum and reach Chnandini’s workplace.

What will happen next? Will Chandini prove Sanjay’s innocence?

How will Chandini handle the situation?

The upcoming episode will answer all our questions and stay in tune with our space for more updates.