Chashni 10th March 2023 Written Update: Raunaq takes a stand for Chandini


The episode starts with Chandini and Raunaq controlling the crowd. Chandini saves an old lady from the fire. Fire service comes there. Chandini is disappointed to see the inspector not taking any steps to save the child. An old lady informs him that her child is stuck inside. No one is ready to go inside. Chandini recalls the way strangers killed her dad. She thinks that she couldn’t do anything 15 years ago, but she won’t stay quiet today. Chandini makes a heroic move to save the child.

Farhad reaches there. His wife informed him that her child was stuck inside. She asks them to save him. Chandini is searching for a child on fire. She finds him but burning wood falls on her side. She takes risks to take him to her side. She covers him with a blanket. She takes him out of the fire. Everyone is surprised to see her heroic movement.

Farhad takes his son from her. Everyone claps for Chnandini’s act and gives water to her. Raunaq admires her. Subordinates say to the Inspector that she was desperate to get a job in the fire station. He tells them that whatever happens she won’t get the job because she is Sanjay Chopra’s blood. Raunaq says that he didn’t expect Amritsar’s girls to be so brave. Chandini asks him if he thinks that god didn’t give hands to girls to do something. Raunaq tells her that he saw most of the girls waiting outside the beauty parlour. She gave a fitting reply to her. He tells her that he appreciates her. Fahad says to her that she may have saved his child today but she can’t get out of the sin which her dad did to them.

Maanav comes there and says to Chandini that she shouldn’t take risks like that. Chandini tells him that she was waiting for his team but she acted fast or else that child’s life would have been at risk. Maanav asks her to take care of herself. He adds that she shouldn’t mention him as Sir. She inquired him if she would select a firefighter team this time? She completed her training and wrote the exam. He tells her that she will be selected this time. She thanked God for blessing her. She thinks that her dad would have appreciated her today if he was alive. Sanjay Chopra is shown writing his daughter’s name in blood.

The doctor informs Chnandini’s grandmother that they have to pay extra money to keep Sanjay Chopra in the cell. A three-month bill is pending. If they fail to pay it, then he will release him. Grandmother says to him that they will try to pay for it but keep him inside the cell for a few months. The compounder informs the doctor about an emergency in Sanjay Chopra’s cell. They treated his blood stain. Sanjay asked him to keep his daughters safe inside the room. They shouldn’t come out of the room. His mother cried, seeing his state.

Later, Chandini reaches the work place late. She informs him that a fire caught in the textiles and that is why she was late. The owner asks her how many children’s lives she saved today? Raunaq comes there and supports Chandini. He says to him that she really saved a child today. This video is viral today. He takes a stand for Chandini. The owner says to him that he doesn’t know anything about her. It seems she asked him to stop supporting her. Later, Urmi praises Chnandini’s brave act. Roshini says that she wishes that she will get her dream job. Roshini gets a phone call from her boyfriend. She thinks that she is hiding a big truth from Chandini. She thinks that she may like him.

Later, Vandana says to Grandmother that she is able to understand her pain but she shouldn’t forget what her son did to them. She says to her that he won’t forget his sin but he is her son. Meanwhile, Manav requested the head to appoint Chandini to a fire fighter team. The inspector says to him that she is Sanjay Chopra’s daughter. He glares at him when the head refuses to appoint her. He is determined to take risk for her.

Episode ends

Precap; Chandini will inform her family that she got an appointment letter. She bagged a job at the fire station. Farhad will learn it. The sub-jailor will inform the Jailor that Sanjay Chopra from room no.33 has run away. Chandini will meet the same guy in the pub. Someone will kidnap Roshini from the pub. Sanjay will meet Chandini