Chashni 11th March 2023 Written Update: Chandini on cloud nine


The episode starts with a shopkeeper stopping Chandini because Raunaq missed his wallet in his shop. She says to him that she doesn’t know him personally. Where will she search for him? He says to her that he kept a lot of money in his wallet. He says to Chandini that he may be at the club. Meanwhile, Raunaq realises that he lost his wallet and tries to scan the code. Nirbhay asks him to enjoy the drinks for free today. He introduces him as the owner of the pub. Raunaq introduces himself to him. Nirbhay says that he doesn’t belong to Amritsar.

Raunaq asks him whether it is written on his face. He says to him that he is acting a little differently. Raunaq says to Nirbhay that he lost his wallet in a shop. He adds that Amristar’s girls are daring. Chandini reaches the club searching for Raunaq. She thinks it’s better to return his wallet to the club owner. Nirbhay excuses Raunaq to contact Roshini. She collides with Nirbhay. She argues with him and leaves.

Chandini meets Raunaq and returns his wallet to him. He stops her from leaving. Chandini says to him that she not only saves kids from fire but also helps others. Roshini comes there and tries to call Nirbhay. Chandini says to him that she was coming to return his wallet. Raunaq says to her it’s the 21st century. We can deal with anything online. If he needs this wallet, then she will collect it from that shop tomorrow. She is here to meet him because she can’t deny that he was handsome. She asks him to collect his wallet from that shop, then by saying it she snatches his wallet.

Roshini notices her sister and leaves from there. Meanwhile, Raunaq stops Chandini. She asks him to keep his things safe. He won’t get it back if he searches for it. He advises the same to her. Chandini leaves from there. Raunaq says that she is something different.

Roshini returns home and lies to her grandmother that she went to collect extra notes from Urmi’s house. Roshini asks Grandmother. Did she see Chnandini’s video? She is a hero. Roshini says that she is like her father. She compares her with Rani. Meanwhile, Chandini returns home and asks Roshini what she is hiding from her. Roshini fears that she may find out she went to the club.

Chandini says that she was wearing the same clothes. It seems she has returned home now. Roshini lies to her that she went to meet Urmi. Chandini says to her that she doesn’t like a rift coming between them because of small things. She asks everyone to promise her that they shouldn’t hide anything from each other. Grandmother fears what if she learns that Sanjay Chopra is alive. She promised to her.

Chandini reaches the fire station and meets Manav. He shares the good news with her that she got an appointment letter. The inspector disliked it and questioned him, how is it possible? Manav says that she was top in both written and physical tasks. Even their heads are not able to reject a merited candidate. He says that she deserved that. She received the appointment letter from him and hugged him in happiness. She recalls her father’s words. Chandini reaches back home and shows the appointment letter to her mom. She recalls the past.

Rahul’s son’s birthday party takes place in the rooftop hotel. He informs Sanjay that he signed the approval form. Someone forged Sanjay’s sign in the form and puts all the blame on him. Sanjay reveals the truth to his head, but no one believes him. Chandini reminds who framed her father. Chandini shares the happy news with her family. Everyone congratulates her.

Episode ends

Precap; The sub-jailor will inform the Jailor that Sanjay Chpra from room no.33 has run away. Chandini will meet the same Raunaq in the pub and return his wallet. Roshini will notice them. Someone will kidnap Roshini from the pub. Sanjay will escape from the mental asylum and reach Chnandini’s work place