Chashni 12th March 2023 Written Update: Chandini faces humiliation


The episode starts with Chandini’s grandmother feeding a sweet to her. Roshini helps her pack her lunch box. Vandana avoids Chandini. She notices that and tries to convince her. She complained to Chandini that she had joined this fire team. She is capable of getting placement in other fields. Roshini says that Chandini is trying to change the past. She wishes to change the bad impression on their family. Vandana says that she is worried about her future. She has to search for a groom for her too. Chandini consoles her. Later, Fahad contacts Tarun and inquires him how Chandini got this job.

Tarun says to him that he is helpless in this matter. Higher officers selected her. Fahad asks him to make her first day’s work memorable. Grandmother takes evil eyes from Chandini. Meanwhile, Vandana asks Grandmother if she has arranged money for the hospital bill. She says to her that she will arrange it all. She doesn’t worry about it. Vandana complaints that she was hiding a big truth from Chandini because of her.

Nirbhay calls Roshini and Vandana to attend the call. Roshini takes the phone from her hand and leaves. She shares everything with him. Later, Tarun asks Chandini to park her scooty outside. Chandini recalls her past. The way she praised her father’s job. She will become a fire fighter too in the future. She thinks that she will prove to everyone that Sanjay Chopra’s blood is a loser. A few bikers surround Chandini and throw dirt on her. Fahad comes there and congratulates her for joining a fire fighter team. Fahad says to her that it’s a temple and the people are pure who work here. They are unlike Sanjay Chopra who did sin. He demands her to leave. Chandini pushes him away and walks into the fire station boldly.

Later, Chandini’s subordinates laugh at her after seeing the dirty dress. Manav inquires her what happened to her? Chandini assures him that she is fine. She was bold enough to face the problems. Manav asks her to collect her uniform. Later, Tarun gives instructions to the new joiners. Chandini asks permission for him to clean her dress. He asks her to join in time. He gives instructions to everyone. He isn’t giving heed to Chandini’s questions.

Later, Roshini shows Chandini’s video to Poppy. She says to him that the fire department gave a job to her after they watched it. She planned to arrange a surprise party for her. She invited all her friends there. He asks her to take free tuition for him instead of money. Later, Chandini is arranging files. Raunaq comes there and notices her. Chandini is surprised to see her there. She fears that he is here to inform her about a fire accident. He denies it. Chandini thinks that he is stalking her. She says to him that she doesn’t want to create a scene on her first day at work. He says to her that he has no interest in her. He is here to check the fire complaint. Chandini notices the door is locked from outside. She thinks that she was trapped with him. He helps to open the door. Tarun opens the door. Raunaq manages the situation there to save Chandini. Later, Tarun signals his subordinates. No one gives seats to her. Manav gives her company. Chandini enters into the gents’ washroom mistakenly. Tarun makes fun of her.

Episode ends .