Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Update: Tarun scolds Chandini


Chashni 14th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raunaq saying to Chandini that the party was good. Chandini says that he was uninvited to this party. He says to her that he entertained this party. He says to her that he is going to be her neighbour. So stop eyeing him. Chandini slaps him and closes his mouth. She tells him that she saved him from the mosquito, so he thanks her later. Chandini thinks that Roshini is missing. She inquires Bindu about it. She makes a call to Roshini. Roshini informs Nirbhay that she is getting late. Chandini searching for her. She informs Chandini that she will return home in two minutes.

Nirbhay notices Chandini’s picture and gets scared. He says to her that his first meeting wasn’t good. He narrates the situation to her. Roshini scolds him for ruining everything. Her mobile falls down didn’t and the screen breaks. He assures her that he will buy a new phone for her. Roshini complained that Chandini bought this phone for her. She keeps it as a sentimental one. He doesn’t know the value of it. The screen was broken. She feared that something would break her relationship with her. He asks her to leave this matter.

Diya says to Chandini that she is feeling sleepy. She wants to sleep on her lap. Chandini makes her sleep. Maanav admires Chandini. Chandini asks him to take Diya back home after she sleeps. Manav says to Bindu that he was trying to give both mom and dad love to his daughter but couldn’t. Diya needs a mom’s love. Bindu asks him to propose to Chandini. Meanwhile, Chandini waits for Roshini. Roshini comes and says to her that she went out to surprise her. Chandini scolds her for going out late in night. Roshini shows the beer bottle to her and tells her she wants to drink it along with her.

Chandini scolds her for buying it at home. She says to Chandini that her friend Nirbhay helped her buy it. Chandini asks her to drink after her wedding. Roshini says that Chandini isn’t thinking about her wedding and she also has to concentrate on her exams. Let’s try this. Chandini asks her whether this Nirali is a boy or a girl? She receives calls from that person often and meets him. Roshini says that it’s a perfect time to reveal the truth to her.

Roshini says to Chandini that Nirali is a boy. She likes him. She didn’t get time to inform her. Chandini asks her not to joke with her. She is aware that she is trying to fool her around. She isn’t able to lie with her by seeing her eyes. She is not able to hide anything from her. It’s about her life, how she hides it from her. She gets emotional when she talks about their relationship. Roshini feels guilty for hiding the truth from her. She thinks that her relationship with Nirbhay is true. She hopes that Chandini will understand her love for him. Later, Tarun meets Farhad in the market. He complained to him that Sanjay’s daughter worked in a fire station but he wasn’t taking any action against her. Meanwhile, Raunaq is eating the food in Chandini’s house. Chandini makes faces after seeing him there.

Bindu says to her that he shifted to our house recently. She shouldn’t treat him like that. Raunaq asks Chandini to help him take the wallet from his pocket. She helps him in return. Chandini and Raunaq are arguing with each other. Chandini demands him to remove his things from her house. Raunaq asks her to give him time. She demands him to remove it now. Raunaq says to her that she is treating a handsome person as a servant. Later, Roshini meets Nirbhay in the market. She received books from the institute. She thanks him for it. Chandini informs Chacha that she is applying for a ladies’ washroom. Hope she will get it asap. Tarun scolds Chandini for skipping the night shift. She apologizes to him. Tarun thinks that he won’t allow her to stay there peacefully. She would cry each and every day here. Chandini hides the truth from Manav.

Episode ends

Precap; Manav will warn Tarun for treading Chandini badly.

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