Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Update: Raunaq saves Chandini


Chashni 18th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raunaq noticing Chandini is sleeping. He prevents her from falling down. He wakes her up when the nurse comes. He gives the coffee to her. Chandini thanked Raunaq for his help. She doesn’t know how to repay to him. Manav comes there and gives a bouquet to Chandini. Bindu says to Chandini that the doctor said she is able to discharge him. Manav leaves to finish the discharge work. Chandini says to Bindu that her father isn’t going to any day care. She has to listen to Roshini. Roshini says that she won’t stop her taking him back home. But she has no relationship with him. He is Chandini’s father.

Chandini hugs her in happiness. Meanwhile, Manav informs Chandini that she is not able to go out now. They are shocked to see a protest outbreak in front of the hospital. Farhad throws the stone at them. Chandini requests Roshini to take her grandmother’s back home. She will stay with Sanjay. Roshini says that she won’t leave her again. Chandini asks her to listen to her.

Farhad and others break the safety line and enter the hospital. They are determined not to leave Sanjay alive. He asks half of them to block the back door. Raunaq and Manav take Vandana, Roshini and Bindu from there safely. Hospital staff close the door to prevent them entering inside. Vandana fears the worst. He asks them to get out through the existing door. Chandana took a risk to protect her father. Unfortunately, Chandini meets Raj. He says that he is their culprit. He threw a bottle at her. Chandini protects Sanjay. But Nirbhay holds the bottle and throws it at Farhad. Nirbhay takes Chandini from there safely.

Roshini refuses to go with her grandmother, leaving Chandini alone. She closes the door. Manav says to Raunaq it’s not safe to stay here anymore. They took Vandana and Bindu from there. Roshini finds Chandini is missing in the room. She searches for her at the hospital. Nirbhay closes the door to confuse Farhad Raj and his friends.

Roshini notices Chandini’s anklet on the floor. She knocks on the door and tells her she is here. Chandini hugs Roshini and cries. Nirbhay asks them how they will escape from here? Roshini informs him that there is an existence on the ground floor. Nirbhay says to them that he will check the circumstances outside. Roshini asks him to be careful. Nirbhay diverts Raj’s team. Manav asks Raunaq to take Vandana from here. He will take Roshini and Chandini from here. He denies it. They notice Chandini coming there. While taking Sanjay from there, Chandini falls down. Roshini tries to save her. Nirbhay stops her.

Raunaq asks Manav to start the car. Chandini asks her to asap. Nirbhay helps Sanjay to get inside the car. Manav takes them from there. Raunaq is fighting with the goons. Raj told Chandini that she can’t escape from him. She should have died along with her mother. Her father’s filthy blood courses through her as well. How did her father kill so many children? He would not give her a chance to kill anybody. She warns him that she won’t tolerate his words against her father. Raunaq notices the goons surrounding her. He reaches there on his bike and saves Chandini from them.

Episode ends

Precap ; Sanjay will fight with Nirbhay’s father

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