Chashni 25th March 2023 Written Update: Chandni’s life in danger

Chashni 25th March 2023 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raunaq recognizing Raj with Jogi and saying isnt he same who had attacked her and at hospital. Chandni says that’s Raj and he has personal enmity with their family so if Roshni is with them she isn’t safe at all. Chandni panics but Raunaq tries to calm her down and tells they will together find Roshni. Roshni is shown tied up with her mouth closed. She tries to scream for help. Raunaq asks Chandni to stop but she scolds him for bringing trouble instead of helping. Raunaq patiently calms her saying her mistake may harm Roshni.

Chandni feels guilty and says she should not have let Roshni go when she came to talk to her. Nirbhay suggests to go to Raj directly. He tells he will give him few punches and make him spill where Roshni is. Nirbhay, Raunaq and Chandni go together to Raj’s place. Raj’s car is parked outside his factory so they realize he is there and Roshni is there too. Nirbhay spots Jogi who is Raj’s partner in crime. Roshni tries to cut the ropes tied on her hands. Raj gets up and points gun towards her.

Raj tells Roshni that instead of Nirbhay she will die. Chandni and guys enter inside factory. Jogi warns Raj they don’t want any bloodshed and he had already called Nirbhay so he must be coming. Raj insists on killing Roshni. Roshni manages to free herself and starts running to save herself. She screams for help. Chandni finds her. They fight against goons. Raj points gun at Roshni again. Chandni fights with him and makes him throw the gun. Chandni hugs Roshni and inquires if she is safe.

Raj gets up and shoots Chandni. Traffic is too high so Raunaq takes Chandni in his arms and rushes to hospital. Nurse tells them that before admitting police needs to be informed. Raunaq assures her to inform police and asks to admit Chandni first. She is taken to OT. Doctor comes and says Chandni is very lucky as bullet just passed by her heart muscles. However he informs that because of bullet being inside for long there is infection in her arms and there is only one way to save her. Grandma asks what it is. Doctor tells to amputate Chandni’s left arm so that infection doesn’t spread anywhere else.

Raunaq gets hyper and tells doctor that Chandni is fire fighter and her hands save numerous lives daily. He tells they cannot allow this to be done with her. Doctor says there is no other way and they have only eight hours to make decision. Roshni gets angry and blames Nirbhay for his callousness. She says Chandni is in this condition because of him and asks him to leave. Jogi scolds Raj for shooting Chandni. Roshni cries while Raunaq consoles that they will find some alternative way to save Chandni.

Precap Chandni will agree to give one chance to Nirbhay. Raunaq vows to destroy Channdi’s life.

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