Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 10th March 2022 Written Update: Chikoo decides to face her fear


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 10th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dimple, Aarav, Param playing a dance video of Chikoo. Her friends also dance. Chikoo tells she can explain them. They says no need for explanation and they encourage her to dance like Ishq who’s like her. Chikoo dances with him. Dhanush thinks to message Ishq about his competition and he notices Chikoo is copying Ishq and asks her to not make fun of Ishq and leaves telling he will win the competition. Chikoo denies dancing and tells Aarav that they will help him with cooking. Dimple and Param go to do their work.

Sameer calls the dealer and gets to know 4 members have that watch but he didn’t get their details. Pushpa asks if he finds it. He tells her he is searching. Aarav tells her he needs to get things from his place. Chikoo takes him to Joshi’s house. Aarav asks her to come inside telling her there is no one in the house at this time and I need help to carry the vessels. Chikoo goes inside and feels nostalgic recalling her moments in that house. Aarav asks if she is fine. Chikoo tells him she is fine. They hear a sound from Nivaan room and notices goons are beating him for money. Aarav assures them to pay the money and sends them. Nivaan warns them to not involve in his matter. Chikoo asks how much he needs to pay. Aarav tells he doesn’t know and goes to support his brother.

Mini helps Dhanush to practice. Alka tells him she is good and gives her a credit card to buy the gifts. Mini feels excited. Later Dhanush messages Ishq to teach him steps. Chikoo teaches him in a live tutorial. Dhanush thanks her and asks her to show her face. Chikoo denies. Dhanush asks her to face her fear by dancing in the open space in the early morning. Mini friend asns Mini what’s she going to wear for the scholarship party. Mini plans to use Alka’s credit card and shops expensive dresses for her.

Chikoo dances in the open space playing music. People make fun of her then she runs inside in tears. Dhanush messages her if she is okay. Chikoo says I tried open dance but everyone make fun of me and I can’t do it. Dhanush encourages her to concentrate on her aim leaving those people. Chikoo thanks him. Sameer comes to her. Chikoo says the last round is of dance competition, I decided to dance and show my face also. Sameer smiles and tells her that he is proud of her. Chikoo receives message that Aarav won the competition and she rushes to meet him. Puspa asks Sameer how is he going to find the culprit. Sameer tells he have a way to find the truth.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nivaan recognises Chikoo.

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