Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th October 2021 Written Update: Kamini and Subodh plans to destroy Milind life


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 15th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo asks Nupur if Milind is like their Basti wali person who drinks every day. Nupur in tears says he is not like your Basti wali uncle and he never drinks and don’t know what happened to him and she clears everything from dining table. Chikoo thinks to do something and leaves from that place telling to Nupur that she will sleep. Nupur cries reminscing Milind words.

Kamini praises her husband to make Milind gets drunk and we have to use this to prove Milind as bad boy and we have to separat Nupur and Milind plus we have to throw Payal alias Chikoo from this place and from today onwards mission satyanash started.

Milind drinks while thinking his life is over as their is noone to him. Chikoo stops him from drinking. Milind scolds why she came to his room. Chikoo says I came here to gave you water. Milind shouts at her to get out. Chikoo says she will leave once he drinks the water. Milind drinks the water and asks her to leave and he fell on bed in dizziness. Chikoo removes his shoes and makes him sleep by covering him in duvvet than she empties the alcohol bottle and notices his disturbed state and leaves from that place thinking he can sleep peacefully if Nupur aunty sings the song.

Kamini takes out her husband wine collection. Subodh says he can’t share it with anyone. Kamini says half bottle did magic than think what these bottles make him do? So we have to implement our plan. Chikoo goes to Nupur room and tells her that she is unable to sleep and asks her to sing tbe Lohri to make her sleep thinking her as Milind. Nupur sings. Milind wakesup and both of them cries reminscing their happy moments and misses eachother badly. Both of them stands near door and Milind opens the door but she left before he saw her.

Next day Chikoo goes to Milind and tells him good morning. Milind asks what’s she doing in his room and asks her to leave. Milind sees his state. Chikoo says don’t search shoes as I removed them and makes you sleep and youre in hangover right. Milind asks her to leave from his room. Chikoo says elders say manythings to kids for our wellbeiny and in the same way drinking is not good to you as you’re unable to walk properly and you’re like a hero without drinking so don’t drink. Milind asks her to get out. She asks him not to drink much, its a bad habit, promise me you will never drink, I won’t come in front of you. Milind promises her than he makes her leave from his room and thinks what she thinks of herself that she is taking promise from me. Chikoo feels happy for solving one problem of Nupur.

Milind thinks he have to join his Mom for pooja. Subodh brings drinks to Milind and asks him to drink as it’s Sunday and their is still time for pooja and I’m missing our old days how we used to enjoy race while having drink. Milind denies but Subodh locks Milind in his emotional words than Milind agrees to drink for one last time. Subodh gives him drink than Milind remembers his promise to Chikoo.

Episode ends.

Precap – Nupur questions Milind why he broke his promise to Chikoo. Kamini caughts Chikoo in a room

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