Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 16th September 2021 Written Update: Nupur meets Chikoo by escaping from Rangoli


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 16th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rangoli says they must practice well to Sulab and hearing her words kids starts their practice. Chikoo cleans the house. Rangoli says I’m punishing to correct you so comeback to your family by leaving that bhooth and will you join us from tomorrow right? Chikoo stays silent. Rangoli asks Sulab to take Chikoo place for next performance. Chikoo prays to god and tells him that I can’t steal anything until I return Ghungroo so please don’t separate me from my family as I don’t want to separate them. Nupur prays to Balgopal ji to make her meet her daughter.

Next day Rangoli asks Chikoo to clean the house properly. Chikoo agrees. Kids asks Chikoo to teach them steps. Sulab asks them not talk with Chikoo. Rangoli asks Sulab to tane them out to teach the steps. Other two kids dances well than Rangoli praises them and they asks Rangoli for icecream so Chikoo can go to return Ghungroo. Rangoli takes the kids to buy them ice cream.

Nupur informs Reema that they can come to her place at 11am than she gets ready and notices the letter of Chikoo. Nupur feels happy to get the letter of kid whom she’s searching than she informs to Reema that dance class will start half an hour late as I’m going to meet the kid whom I’m searching. Worker informs to Kamini that Nupur is leaving to somewhere. Kamini receives message and acts like having pain in car.

Chikoo escapes from their home. Nupur comes to that place. Chikoo meets her saying you did balck magic on me through Ghungroo right. Sulab asks why they are not getting easy step. Nupur about to go close to her but Chikoo denies than Nupur says your nsme is good and why you call me here. Chikoo says you’re bad aunty that’s why you kept the magic wali Ghungroo on my bag and im unable to steal because of you. Nupur gets shocked. Rangoli realises kids are wasting her time intentionally than she returns to home and asks Sulab about Chikoo. Sulab says she is inside but Rangoli finds she is missing thsn Rangoli asks Tanki about it and threatens to beat him than Tanki reveals Chikoo place to her. Rangoli rushes to that place.

Nupur says she didn’t do magic on her intentionally and it happened by mistake and you can know it from your friends too. Chikoo feels surprised. Nupur asks if she have friends. Chikoo tells her about her friends and how they used to dance on events according to their mummy suggestions and she takes care of us well. Nupur asks why they had one Mom. Chikoo says my Mom throwed me on dustbin that’s why my Mummy tane me to her House and she explains to Nupur about her friends. Sulab and Rangoli rushes to Chikoo place. Nupur thinks whoever is their Mom is making them steal things and I have to help them as they needs help. Chikoo asks her to take back her Ghungroo so she can start her stealing again. Nupur says I did magic on you intentionally and I have to apologise for it with Laddo u bought for you and you like to dance so I will take you guys to take the place where you can dance and do masti with your friends. Chikoo asks if they can dresses like her. Nupur says yes, will you come with me forwarding her hand. Chikoo about to hold her hand than she notices branch of tree is felling down than she hugs Nupur. Rangoli and Sulab sees their closeness and thinks Chikoo bought that lady and thst lady wanted to separate Chikoo from me so I will teach her lesson. Nupur asks will she come with her. Chikoo looks on.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sulab takes Chikoo from that place. Nupur thinks to find Chikoo. Savitri gets pain because of Nupur than Milind takes promise from her that she won’t teach dance to kids. Rangoli to takes promise from chikoo to stay away from Nupur. 

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