Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 18th February 2022 Written Update: Chikoo and Dhanush to compete in competitions to win the scholarship


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 18th February 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dimple saying she is scared seeing the video and asking Chikoo if she is fine. Chikoo asks which video she is talking about. Dimple shows her the viral video of her. Nivaan scares her again. Dimple asks him to stop. Nivaan says you’re elder to us, drink coffee. Aarav says how mean but they didn’t listen to him. Students mock Chikoo asking why she is scared when she can kill bhooth with her weight. Chikoo leaves from there. Dhanush sees her and asks why she still looks shocked. He goes inside and his friends tell him that Chikoo is getting humiliated in the video. Dhanush asks who recorded it. Mini tells she is the one who did it. Dhanush asks why she did it. Mini tells it’s needed to make her back out from the scholarship race as she can’t bear public humiliation. Dhanush gets angry says it’s not done.

Chikoo performs in live. Dhanush watches it and he thinks he can relate to her and he sends the message that it’s her best performance till the day. Chikoo cries badly. Sameer sits with her. Chikoo asks how can they behave meanly to her. Sameer says I saw fashion and fire in your eyes for this scholarship that’s why I allow you to stay here and I won’t allow if anyone snatches hour happiness so I will talk with your principal. Dhanush tells his brother that he is feeling like loser after doing wrong with Chikoo. He asks him to never repeat his mistake if realises the mistake and you’re the cheetah so win the challenge with honesty. Dhanush Mom comes there and tells winning is important not the way.

Sameer asks Chikoo to pack her bags so they can leave for Delhi as he can’t see her in this state. Chikoo asks his Mom what she has to do. Dhanush’s Mom tells she wants him on top and tells him that he did best at college and hugs him then she asks him to win the scholarship using all ways and leaves. His brother asks what is he going to do. Dhanush says Mom hugged him after so many days and he happily hugs his brother. Chikoo feels her Mom hug and she says I won’t leave the playground before even the match get started and she decides to win the scholarship. Dhanush also determined to win the challenge.

The principal tells their scores are tied so they will decide winner by academic and cultural activities. They ask what’s the first round. The principal tells the quiz is the first round and asks them to get ready. Chikoo and Dhanush decide to defeat each other in the quiz competition. Dhanush practices for his competition with his friends. Chikoo prepares in the library.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sameer asks Chikoo to answer trolling people with her success. Dhanush tells his Dad that he will make him feel proud.

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