Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 26th October 2021 Written Update: Milind gets emotional seeing Chikoo dance of emoting his letters


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 26th October 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo signs Milind through mirror and he comes to corridor than Chikoo apologize him for the disturbance than she asks him to give her 5m time. Milind agrees than Chikoo makes him recall his letters he wrote to Nupur with her dance and he feels emotional but closes the curtains. Chikoo cries helplessly. Nupur performs pooja and she feels dizzy. Chikoo comes to their place. Nupur says Milind than she sees Chikoo in tears and asks what happened. Chikoo says I’m fine but you’re not looking good. Nupur asks why she is crying. Chikoo says I want you to perform pooja like every year with Milind uncle but here you’re alone. Nupur says you’re with me and it’s not good to force him and I don’t want to stay with him forcefully so let’s have kheer. Chikoo asks how can they eat individually.

Kamini and Mandira takes blessings of elders than Kamini asks Mandira to feed Kheer to Milind. Milind recalls his moments with Milind and Payal. Mandira tries to feed kheer to Milind. Nupur asks Chikoo to have kheer. Chikoo says it’s wrong. Nupur asks her to have it than she prays Devi maa too take good care of Joshi family. Chikoo says they did wrong to you, still you’re praying for their good and tell me the truth that you too want Milind uncle to have kheer with you right. Some letter fall at Nupur feet and she realises it’s writing of Milind. Chikoo asks what’s in letter, why you’re crying seeing it. Milind comes to Nupur place while saying content of letter than he asks her for Kheer. Nupur happily tries to feed him than he stops her by making her have it than he eats with her hand. Chikoo thinks why you’re silent, let’s say something. Nupur asks Chikoo to eat it. Chikoo eats it.

Nupur thanks Milind for coming and tells him that it’s so special to her. Mandira asks Kamini where Milind went? I just offered him to have Kheer. Savitri and Kamini tries to manage the situation. Mandira says Milind is not ready to start new life so I think we have to give him sometime. Kamini says no, he is ready to move on and I will get him here immediately than she goes to her husband and asks him to get Milind.

Milind sees packed bags and asks if she is leaving. Nupur agrees than He notices she is suffering with fever. Nupur says she is fine but Chikoo says it’s wrong to lie and she is not taking care of her. Milind scolds Nupur for not informing him than he makes her sit and tells her that I will get food to you and than have tablets and take rest. Nupur says she won’t accept anything from that house. Milind says that’s is still yours. Nupur says she don’t want to become problem to them and she feels dizzy than Milind asks her to return to home but Nupur denies. Chikoo enjoys it. Nupur fell on him in her dizzy state. Subodh lies to Mandira that Milind is sleeping and he will arrive soon. Savitri thinks to get Milind from Nupur place, that time Milind returns to home with Nupur and everyone gets shocked seeing them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Subodh asks Kamini if she is sure that Chikoo is Payal. Kamini agrees and tells him that they have to hide it. Chikoo shares her pain with Dadu and he sees Chikoo locket and realises she is their Payal and he moves vehemently to say it and Chikoo asks him what happened.

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