Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 27th September 2021 Written Update: Friends of Chikoo don’t let her practice for competition


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 27th September 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Rangoli gets emotional angry seeing her kids with Nupur than she removes her locket which belongs to Chikoo and leaves after throwing it at their room entrance. Next day Chikoo wakesup and shouts seeing Nupur with her. Everyone wakesup. Nupur asks what happened. Chikoo says you did magic on us to make us sleep and youre planning to kill us with this magic. Nupur says she is misunderstanding her. Chikoo goes back saying she is bad and about to fell but Nupur saves her. Chikoo runs far from her saying she won’t let her change with her magic. Nupur thinks don’t know why she thinks wrong about me than she thinks don’t know when I slept and Milind might be angry with me and she rushes to home.

Everyone waits for Nupur at home. Nupur tries to tell something to Milind than Milind says tell something not sorry as I’m tired of your sorries. Nupur says don’t know when I slept with kids while making them sleep. Savitri says you slept peacefully but my son didn’t even sleep for a minute and what you want to prove by doing it. Kamini says Nupur don’t have kid that’s why she is playing Mom game with others kids as she habe so much love in her. Nupur questions Kamini how can she point her Mother love. Subodh asks Nupur to not talk Kamini in this tone. Nupur asks him to explain it to her.

Milind stops Nupur telling Kamini is correct. Savitri says my son cried in my lap because of you and why can’t you think about our family happiness. Milind says she won’t care about him. Nupur says she cares for him. Savitri says you’re hurting him badly. Nupur says you’re not understanding me and I’m not playing any mother’s game and I’m helping orphanage kids thinking someone will help our Payal. Milind says you’re thinking about your pain but youre not seeing my pain and I lost my kid and wife too. Nupur says I’m understanding it but I just want our Payal to be back to live as a happy family.

Milind says I have idea to get back our happiness and we will have a child again to get the happiness. Savitri supports his idea. Milind asks for her answer. Nupur refuses saying i won’t think about other kid until I find Payal as I can’t betray my Payal. Milind says I was wrong about you and everyone is correct that you’re thinking about yourself and you don’t care about our family happiness. Nupur says Payal is not doll and I will get back Payal back to our life. Milind says she is choosing her stubbornness. Nupur says god knows my way and you guys will get to know about it once I will bring Payal infront of you.

Kids tries to change Chikoo by telling the goodness of Nupur but she won’t agree and tells them that she will take back them by winning competition. Kids says we want to stay here so please lose the competition. Chikoo practices for competition. Sulab turnsoff the music and he won’t let her practice in room than Chikoo says she will practice in corner. Tanki says forget about dance Nd let’s play. Chikoo says she can’t forget Mummy and she tries to move sofa. Sulab asks them to sit in sofa if they want to stay in orphanage. Kids sit in sofa. Chikoo fell down as she couldn’t move the sofa.

Nupur prays Bappa to give her strength to reach her destination of finding her Payal. Rangoli confronts god for breaking her family. Chikoo prays to god to show her way to return to her Mummy with her friends. Rangoli tells to Bappa that she won’t pray for him anymore and I will get back my kids using Sam dhan dams bhed and I will burn the obstacles who came in my way. Chikoo notices her Mummy chain and feels happy thinking she came for them.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo implements Rangoli plan with Nupur.

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