Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 2nd December 2021 Written Update: Kamini braiwashes Chikoo


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 2nd December 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo gets shocked seeing her parents are accepting Mini as Payal. Shashikant feels bad. Nupur asks everyone to bless thejr Payal. Chikoo thinks Mini lied to my parents. Subodh asks them to on the music. Milind asks Nupur to dance with Mini. Nupur asks Mini to come but Mini denies saying she can’t dance.

Savitri says you born with dance talent as it’s in your blood than Nupur takes Mini and asks her to copy her steps like she used to do in the childhood but Mini fails badly. Nupur notices Mini and recalls her moments Chikoo than she thinks why I’m thinking about Chikoo when my kid is infront me? I have to make her like previous Payal. Chikoo feels bad seeing everything. Nupur asks Mini to practice with her.

Kamini sees Chikoo in the party who goes to Mini. Nupur goes aside to attend guests. Chikoo questions Mini why she betrayed her. Kamini turns off lights and takes Chikoo from that place. Chikoo shouts mummy than Nupur says Chikoo. Milind says we lost our Payal in the same way 7 years back than why you’re thinking for Chikoo. Nupur goes to Mini and hugs her.

Power came back. Chikoo asks why she bought her aside when she wants to talk with her Nupur mummy, I’m Payal and Nupur will trust me. Kamini says she won’t trust you and Nupur hates you for betraying her trust that’s why she don’t want to see your face. Chikoo says I didn’t steal anything and she will trust me.
Kamini says Nupur is happy with Mini and we get to know through DNA test that Mini is our Payal and do you have any proof? So stop your lies and leave from here otherwise I will call police to arrest you.

Chikoo says you can call police too but I want to meet Nupur Mummy. Kamini says Nupur won’t even miss you so stop making her sad and did you see how Nupur is happy, she is happy after many years so please don’t snatch it from her and if you want her hapiness than leave from here as Nupur considered Mini as Payal not you and your kind of slum child can’t be our daughter so don’t give pain to Nupur and if you ever love her and consider her as Mom than leave from here. Chikoo looks on.

Nupur plays blindfold game with kids and she touches Chikoo and says Payal, I always find you through our heart beat and I will live for you and I love you Payal and she notices tears and about to open her blindfolds thsn Chikoo runs from that place. Nupur didn’t find her. Chikoo walks in street recalling Kamini words. Nupur takes Mini to feed Nariyal laddo. Mini says she don’t like it. Nupur says how ladoo got missing from it if she didn’t have it. Chikoo eats the laddoo and thinks it’s the taste I’m missing and she eats the laddoo and thinks to leave far from Nupur for her hapiness.
Episode ends.

Precap – at hospital after talking to Mini, Chikoo realises Mini may get United with Kamini to hurt Nupur and she thinks she can’t let it happen.

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