Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 8th March 2022 Written Update: Chikoo and Dhanush escape from the rival team’s attack


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 8th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Chikoo and Dhanush hiding from the rival teams. Dhanush realises they are holding their hands. Chikoo asks who are these people. Dhanush says the opponent team people came to take revenge on us as they are unable to digest their defeat and he asks her to trust him. Chikoo agrees. Mini asks Alka if she can work with her as she organised the Cm meeting. Alka says it’s not a big thing and she asks her to join as her 3rd assistant and she asks her to do her personal chores and leaves. Mini sees Dhanush’s photo and tells him to hope you’re missing me Dhanush as I’m doing it for you.

Dhanush asks Chikoo if she is fine. Chikoo tells him she is fine and they go out of the car to escape but Rival team members catch them. Vivaan asks her friend to join them for betting. They deny. Param and Aarav come there and tell them that Dhanush and Chikoo are going to get attacked. Vivaan calls the camp people and alerts them. Opponent team members are about to get attack them but the organizer team switches on the light and questions if they are fighting. Dhanush denies. The organizer gives them a final warning. Vivaan tells his friends they are fine. His friends agrees to gamble.

Chikoo and Dhanush see stars and talk to their Mom and Dad. Chikoo notices her bracelet gifted by her Dad is missing. They search on the car. Dhanush finds it and gives it to her. Chikoo is about to hug him but stops in the middle. Dhanush asks why she can’t and stand for herself when she is strong from inside. Chikoo asks why he chooses the wrong ways even he can win. Dhanush says he has to win everything and you don’t know how much pressure I have and I don’t even have time for celebration. Chikoo says I’m tired of everyday bullying and when these people understand that live in let live. Dhanush looks on.

The next day Mini and Vivaan notices Dhanush and Chikoo are sleeping under tree. Mini asks what the hell. Sameer waves a hand at her. Chikoo tells Mini how they fall asleep. Mini says I didn’t ask anything as I have trust on Dhanush and you’re not his type. Dhanush asks her to not talk on that way. Mini says you’re my boyfriend and she takes him with her telling she have to meet his Mom with coffee. Chikoo meets her Dad and tells him that Dhanush is good afor nd he helped me to search my bracelet.

Sameer asks her to not trust Dhanush as you’re his opponent in scholarship and he will hurt you when he gets a chance by showing his real face. Sameer asks her to sit in the car. Chikoo smiles recalling Dhanush’s care for her. Sameer notices it. Dhanush smiles and shares with Keshav that Chikoo is good and wants to do friends with her. Chikoo tells her loser gang that Dhanush is good and tells them that she wants him as her friend. Chikoo messages him to meet her at the canteen to celebrate their victory. Keshav teases about their connection. Mini overhears it.

Episode ends.

Precap – Dhanush gets angry at Chikoo for taking all the limelight.

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