Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 9th March 2022 Written Update: Principal announces a dance competition between Chikoo and Dhanush


Chikoo Ki Mummy Durr Kei 9th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mini telling her friend that she will make Chikoo’s party as a tragedy. Nirvana gives the money he took from his friends to his men and asks him to double the money. Dhanush sees Chikoo posters in the canteen and hears everyone is talking that Chikoo saved their college reputation. Mini tells Dhanush that Chikoo took all the limelight and she acts like an innocent to gain attention. Dhanush says he can’t believe Chikoo did it. Mini says Chikoo acts like innocent but she is not. Chikoo comes there and Students surround her. Chikoo happily answers them. Mini says it’s a pr stunt of her as she wants to be more popular than you. Chikoo searches for Dhanush. Dhanush comes to her and leaves telling her he doesn’t know she is a cheater. Dimple gets shocked seeing posters.

Chikoo follows Dhanush and asks him what happened. Dhanush says it’s wrong from my side to tryst you, you took all limelight like a cheater. Dimple tries to tell him that it’s a misunderstanding. Chikoo stops her saying let him talk. Dhanush says I will become a winner and you’re going to be a loser. He leaves. Aarav ask Chikoo to see posters on the canteen walls. Chikoo sees them. Her friends says someone did it and Dhanush misunderstands you. Chikoo says he doesn’t trust her like them so no need to explain to him.

Nivaan gets to know that his men lost all the money in gambling. Aarav asks him if he has any problem. Nivaan leaves telling him he can’t solve it. Dhanush and Chikoo recall their moments with each other seeing the sky. Dhanush messages to Ishq and gets to know she is sad too. Chikoo performs in live and Sameer stops the live when her face is about to reveal. Dhanush thinks about why live is stopped.

Sameer asks what happened to her. Chikoo says she lost her happiness along with her Mom and asks him who killed her Mom. He tries to comfort her but she asks him to leave her alone for some time. Pushpa asks Sameer why he is crying. Sameer tells her he can’t see Chikoo in distress and tells her that he decided to find who’s responsible for Nupur’s murder. Pushpa asks what if Chikoo leaves to her family. Sameer says he will do anything for his daughter’s happiness and next is her decision where she has to stay.

The principal praises Chikoo and Dhanush team and tells them that the final round will be a dance contest between them and that will decide the winner of the scholarship. Dhanush agrees to the competition. Chikoo tells Principal that she doesn’t know how to dance. The principal says scholarship will be given to all rounder and if you can’t then we will announce Dhanush as the winner. Chikoo thinks everyone may make fun of her. Her friends try to tell her that she can do but she denies and leaves. Dimple says they have to search for a person who can become Chikoo’s role model. Sameer finds watch strip and he notes the number in it and finds that it’s watch of evergreen then he tells his Mom that he will contact with Dealer to know the info of the person. Losers gang plays videos of Chikoo in the projector. Chikoo tells them she can give an explanation.

Episode ends.

Precap – Chikoo tells his Dad that she decided to dance in the competition shoeing her face. Students make fun seeing her preparation.

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