Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Update: Dhanush makes Alka realises her mistake


Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 18th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhanush telling Alka that she failed to become his Mom and you showed to the world that you have a kid but you have to build this business empire for you not for me so stop forcing your decisions on me. Alka tells she did it for him. Dhanush says you make me feel loser with your words and you want me to become a monster and you can’t love Keshav as you can’t love your son. Keshav overhears their conversation. Dhanush apologises to his Mom and tells her that he don’t want to become a son as she wants. Alka leaves. Keshav hugs him.

Chikoo tells Sameer that she won’t attend a party in the Joshi house. Sameer asks her to attend the party otherwise Aarav and Nivaan feel bad and he tells her he will accompany her. Chikoo feels happy. Alka sees her photos with Dhanush. Keshav comes there. Alka tells him she lost her son. Keshav says your way of teaching is wrong but you’re not wrong. Alka apologises to him for treating him badly. Keshav asks her to become like old Alka and requests her to let Dhanush live his life.

Alka meets Dhanush. Dhanush apologies to his mom for his last night’s behavior. She tells him he makes her realise her mistake and she asks Dhanush to lead his life in music and tells him that Keshav will handle their business. Keshav thanks her. Dhanush asks if he can perceive the music. She agrees and leaves after blessing her. Sameer tells Kanika to implement the plan properly so they can expose Kamini. Kanika agrees.

Mini comes to meet Dhanush. Dhanush asks her to help him to get part time job as his Mom disowned him in business. Mini asks him to beg his Mom and tells him that they can’t continue without money. Keshav shows him proof how Mini used company credit cards for her personal works with proofs. Dhanush confront her and breaks up with her. She leaves. Dhanush tells him he is going to party. Keshav tells him that he knows he is excited to meet Chikoo. Dhanush leaves telling nothing in that way.

Chikoo comes to Joshi’s house with Sameer. Aarav and Nivaan welcome them. Kamini sees Sameer and questions how he came. Sameer tells her Savitri Ji invited him and he makes her meet Chikoo. Kamini looks on and thinks she already met her. Samee makes Chikoo meet with Savitri and she feels happy. Dhanush compliments Chikoo. Chikoo tells his girlfriend don’t like it. Dhanush tells her about his breakup. Chikoo goes to Mini room. Mini asks her to leave telling she doesn’t have anything to snatch from her. Chikoo makes her realize that she is a fighter and asks her to change herself.

Kamini asks everyone if they are enjoying the party. Mini comes there and tells Kamini that she will expose her and reveals to everyone that she is not Joshi. Kamini takes her aside when she is about to reveal her wrongdoings. She warns her go not do it. Chikoo meets Mini. Mini apologises to Chikoo and asks her to reveal to everyone that she is Payal.
Episode ends.

Precap – Dhanush proposes to Chikoo.

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