Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 19th March 2022 Written Update: Chikoo accepts the proposal of Dhanush


Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 19th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Mini asking Chikoo to tell everyone that she is Chikoo. Sameer tells them it will come out and tells them his plan then he messages Kamini to meet her in a room. Kamini goes to the room which is dark and asks what he wanted. He tells her that he wants money to give her proof. Kamini tries to stab him but Nupur’s voice stops her. Kamini says it’s your trap as I killed Nupur and she is not alive. He says Payal can never forgive you. Kamini says Chikoo can’t do anything and no one will believe her and this empire belongs to me. Sameer records her confession and turns on the lights.

Everyone comes inside. Chikoo asks her why she killed her Mom. Kamini asks Savitri to not trust it. Savitri asks why she ruined their family. Kamini says she did it as she didn’t get respect in the house and she asns her kids to understand her but they call her criminal. Savitri hugs Payal and tells her that she will get justice and makes Kamini gets arrested. Aarav and Nirupam apologises to Chikoo and tells her that they will support her. Savitri tells them she will become Mom to them. Chikoo thanks Sameer.

In college, Dhanush and Chikoo ask students to stop bullying and tells everyone that they are starting anti bullying cell. Students apologise to Chikoo for their mistake. Chikoo forgives them. Dhanush asks Mini about her plans. Mini tells him she is searching for a place to stay and a job. Dhanush tells her that she can join their company as full time employee. She hugs him.

Aarav and Nivaan surprise Chikoo by decorating her room. Chikoo feels happy and tells them that she have to tell them something. Sameer shares his pain with Pushpa. Chikoo comes there and apologises to him for the late and tells she went to Joshi’s house. Sameer in tears as when she is shifting? I got a call from Savitri Ji for dinner night and I know it will happen.

At dinner, Chikoo tells Sameer that she can’t live without him and asks can she stay with them. Sameer agrees. Chikoo asks how he thought that she will leave. Sameer apologises to her and tells Savitri that Chikoo is not returning to their place. Savitri says Chikoo already us and I arranged this party to welcome Mini as our daughter. They surprise Mini. Mini tells them finally she is feeling the family vibe. Sameer tells them they can come to Kethan’s house whenever they want. They shout in happiness.

Next day Dhanush messages Chikoo to come to the Common room. Chikoo goes to common room where Dhanush sings song and proposes to Chikoo telling how much she matters to him. Chikoo agrees to his proposal. He hugs in happiness and everyone cheers for them. Chikoo receives call and tells them that she got an opportunity as lead choreographer. Everyone celebrates the moment.

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