Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 4th March 2022 Written Update: The principal gave an ultimatum to Dhanush and Chikoo


Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Dhanush sharing his feelings on social media that she is feeling like losing despite of winning. Chikoo makes him feel better with her messages. Dhanush feels good and he asks her if not hide her face in dance videos. Chikoo tells him she is not yet ready and she asks him what happened. Dhanush tells he didn’t reach his Mom’s expectations. Chikoo asks him to do what his mom like she is doing for her Mom. Chikoo starts her live performance to mohe ke song. Dhanush feels happy seeing her performance.

Alka sees Dhanush is cleaning his dad’s awards and prepared food for her and she comes to him. Dhanush promises her that he will win the scholarship. Alka tells your Dad and I are middle class people but our dreams are high and we achieved our dreams with our hard work and you have to take care of this empire like us otherwise our hard work is going to be wasted and she hurts his hand and asks him to win the challenge remembering this pain. Dhanush and Chikoo receive messages from the college that they have to come to the venue on time together.

Dhanush goes to Chikoo’s house. Sameer tells all the best to her then she leaves with Dhanush in his car. Dhanush gives her coffee. Chikoo denies. Dhanush drinks it and asks her to have it telling her he didn’t add anything. Chikoo drinks it. Dhanush tells love sill increase with sharing. Chikoo tells there is no love and I want to defeat you. Chikoo and Dhanush fight with each other by assuming that another person might stop them to reach the venue on time reminiscing their friend’s advice.

The car gets stopped. Chikoo goes out to check. Dhanush asks if she is puncturing her car? Chikoo leaves spraying pepper spray in his eyes. Dhanush notices she forgot his wallet. The auto driver denies to take her. Dhanush tells she can’t reach and leaves taking her wallet and he takes a lift from the old couple. Chikoo stops the vehicle and tells them he stole her purse. They make him return it to her and denies giving him a lift. Chikoo leaves showing thumbs down.

Chikoo reaches the venue. The organizer asks her for id. Chikoo tells him it’s missing. The organizer tells he can’t allow her without I’d. Chikoo thinks it’s Dhanush’s work. Dhanush gives his card and tells Chikoo that he will win without her. The organizer tells 3rd round already got started. They fight with each other. The principal scolds them and warns them to cancel their admission if they didn’t win the next two rounds. Dhanush and Chikoo get shocked.
Episode ends.

Precap – Dhanush, and Chikoo become the team to win the next rounds.

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