Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye’ Upcoming Story: Though Dhanush tries hard, Chikoo wins the second round of inter-college competition


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The Thursday episode of Nilanjana Purkayasstha and Herumb Khot’s “Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye” started with Alka telling Sameer that Chikoo must be in the habit of losing because of her weight, but Dhanush always wins, and this will be the first time he will lose and that too because of Chikoo. Meanwhile, the competition begins and Dhanush helps Chikoo but keeps taunting her. During the competition she falls and Dhanush goes to help her. He finds out that her leg is hurt and feels bad, but Chikoo asks him to go away. At the end, Chikoo wins the competition and calls Dhanush a loser.  

Alka sees this and is upset with him. Dhanush starts panicking seeing her, and goes to another room. Sameer finds him disturbed and tries to comfort him. He tells him that he should be celebrating as he has won that round. Later, Sameer clicks Chikoo’s photo with the flag and tells Alka that Chikoo might be on the heavier side but mentally she is fit than many of them and that’s what matters the most. 

Meanwhile, at Joshi’s house, the security agency finds the necklace in Aarav’s bag. Aarav tries to tell Kamini that he didn’t steal it, but she doesn’t listen. Later, Aarav tells Nivaan that he knows it was him who stole the necklace. Nivaan asks him to prove it to the family. After a while, Aarav joins his friends at Chikoo’s house and they sense that he is upset. Sameer tells him that he can cook whatever he wants and whenever he wants in their kitchen. 

At the same time, Keshav is happy seeing the video of Chikoo winning. Alka tells him that he shouldn’t be happy about it because it was Dhanush’s loss. Dhanush hears their conversation and is quite upset. He shares a post on his social media and Chikoo sees it. She realises that he is upset and messages him on social media. 

In the upcoming episodes, we will see that Dhanush and Chikoo are talking to each other on Instagram without knowing their real identity. Dhanush asks Chikoo to not hide her face in the dance videos. To know what happens next, keep watching the show.   

“Chikoo – Ye Ishq Nachaye”, produced under Invictus T Mediaworks and Four Lion Films Pvt Ltd, features Simran Tomar, Anushka Merchande, Lakshay Khurana, Mohit Duseja, Ali Abrar, Radhika Vidyasagar, Mayank Verma, Kajal Chonkar, Raghav Dhirr, Ankur Nayyar, Deepali Pansare, Sujata Thakkar, Binda Rawal and Punesh Tripathi. The show airs on Star Plus.