Choti Sardarni 10th March 2022 Written Update: Devika attempts to escape


Choti Sardarni 10th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Khushi reveals that Devika and her family are scammers. Param asks Devika to tell the truth. Harleen tells Khushi that they are royal family and why she is accusing them. Dolly says that Khushi is right about Devika and her family. She reveals that Devika kidnapped her. She informs them that what all Devika and her family did with her. She says that Ajith scammed her in the past and she remembered that so they kidnapped her. Param gets angry and he tries to attack Devika and her family. But Karan stops him.

They finds jewels and expensive things in their bag. Kulwant says that she is glad that at least now they got to know the truth of Devika and her family. Khushi says that she was telling the truth only about Devika and Rajveer. She tells them that she is smart. Karan says that he also suspected Devika and tried to find proof against her but she escaped everytime.

Devika says that Khushi wanted her help that’s why Khushi didn’t tell the truth to anyone. Khushi asks her family to not overreact and she knows that Devika just wanted money. Rajveer asks her that if she is mad. He says that it’s about trust not money. He tells her that she is selfish. She tells him that she did everything for their love. She asks him to remember that night. He tells her that he tolerated her till now because she is Seher’s sister but she betrayed her own family.

Seher realises that Devika trapped Amrin to marry Param. Param tells Devika that he asked her to not hurt him but she betrayed everyone. He asks her that why she did this with him. Ajith puts knife on Dolly’s neck and asks Gill family to not come near him. He tries to escape with his family. But Jagga and Bittu catches him. Seher realises that Devika is missing and she informs about it to her family.

Meanwhile, Devika searches something. Then she finds money bag and gets relieved seeing that. She tries to run away from there but Khushi catches her. Devika threatens to expose what Khushi did with Dolly and moves from there. Khushi thinks that no one should know about it and she pushes Devika. Devika falls off staircase. Everyone comes there hearing noise. Devika could not say anything. Seher says that seems like Devika got paralysis attack. Police comes there. Dolly asks them to arrest Devika and her family. Param says that first they should admit Devika in the hospital.

After some time, Param cries thinking about Devika’s betrayal. He apologizes to Karan for not believing him. Seher asks him to trust God and everything will be fine. She says that they should think about Khushi and Prince now. They learns that Prince is missing and searches him.

Meanwhile, Prince tells himself that everyone separating him from Rajveer especially Seher. He faints. Seher finds him and others comes there.

Episode ends.  

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