Choti Sardarni 17th February 2022 Written Update: Seher reads Khushi’s letter


Choti Sardarni 17th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher tells Rajveer that she trust him and he hugs her. He breaks the hug and places a kiss on her forehead. Kulwant tells Khushi that every coin has two sides and they have seen and heard her side story and now it’s Rajveer’s turn. Karan asks Rajveer that where was the latter when he woke up next day morning. Rajveer says that he woke up at his room only. Param asks him that if anyone can confirm that the latter telling the truth. Khushi asks them that why they are searching proof when she submitted the proof already. She asks them that would they have asked for proof if this happened with Seher then.

Seher hugs her and tells her that she loves her but she don’t trust that something happened between the latter and Rajveer. She says that Rajveer accepted her even after knowing her past. And he would not have hided his past from her if he had any then. She says that Rajveer always understood the importance of relationships and he would have accepted Prince if he is really Prince’s father then.

She tells her that Rajveer saying that, that night nothing happened which means nothing happened that night. She says that she want to stay alone for sometime and goes inside. Harleen thinks that they won’t support Khushi so she needs Dolly. She calls Dolly and informs her about Khushi and Rajveer and she needs her help. Dolly tells Devika that Harleen will reach her house so the latter has to leave her.

Rajveer asks God that what’s happening in his life and cries. Kulwant comes there. He tells her that he can’t see Seher like this. She says that Seher still trust him so he should give sometime to Seher. He tells her that storm came and it ruined everything. She tells him that they are with him and everything will be fine.

Everyone gathers in the hall hearing Harleen’s scream. Seher reads Khushi’s letter which states that no one cares about her so she is leaving because she doesn’t want to trouble them. Harleen gets worried about Khushi. Prince calls Robbie and tells him that he want to talk to Khushi but she is not picking the call. Seher tells him that Khushi went to buy gifts for him so he can talk to his mother later and she disconnects the call.

Robbie tells Rajveer that he won’t leave him if anything happened to Khushi then. Seher tells them that they has to find Khushi first. Everyone goes out to search Khushi. They finds out that Khushi locked herself in the storeroom. Khushi says that she came to relax here. She tells Rajveer that he got worried for her which proves that there is a connection between them. Kulwant scolds her. Harleen says that everything is Rajveer’s mistake.

Later, Rajveer tells Seher that he don’t have proof to prove his innocence. She tells him that she don’t have energy to handle all this so she needs sometime. Meanwhile, Kulwant tells others that it’s a testing time for both Seher and Rajveer. Seher sleeps on the sofa so Rajveer sleeps on the floor.

Episode ends.
Precap – Rajveer asks Seher that why he feels like she is not with him even though she is with him. She tells him that crack happened in their relationship.

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