Choti Sardarni 17th March 2022 Written Update: Seher informs her decision to Gill family


Choti Sardarni 17th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Seher that he is not understanding that what he should do now. She asks him to think by his heart. She says that Prince needs them. He tells her that he is with her in this decision. He says that they had to take every step carefully from now on. She says that they won’t hurry the things and hugs him ( Tu Fikar Na Kareya Kar song plays in the background ).

Dolly asks Harleen that where is she going with Prince. Harleen tells Dolly that she is leaving for Switzerland and Prince will study there. Dolly says that Prince needs mother’s love now. Harleen says that she also didn’t thought Khushi will leave Prince but she can handle him.

Meanwhile, Seher tells others that she and Rajveer decided to adopt Prince. Ranna says that it won’t be easy journey. Karan says that he can understand that why Seher took this decision. Ginni tells Seher that Prince won’t accept her as his mother because he hates her. Seher tells her that Prince behaved that way because of Khushi. And she is confident that she can change Prince’s hatred into love. Kulwant says that it’s not easy to become someone else child’s parents but she believes that Seher and Rajveer can do that. Karan and Param hugs Seher to support her.

Everyone gathers in the hall hearing Dolly’s scream. Bittu takes Prince inside. Seher tells Harleen that she and Rajveer decided to adopt Prince. She says that she want to give a normal life to Prince. Harleen asks Seher that how can she think she can adopt Prince. Kulwant tells her that Prince is alive because of Seher. Harleen blames Seher for Khushi’s decision. She says that she and Robbie are enough to take care of Prince. Kulwant tells her that they can talk about it tomorrow. Harleen tells her that Prince will go to Switzerland for sure to study and she won’t change her decision.

Later, Prince wakes up and calls Rajveer. Seher goes to him but he pushes her. He tells her that he wants Rajveer not her because she is a bad person. Rajveer comes there and picks Prince. He apologizes to him for not staying beside him and takes him inside. Harleen tells Seher that she can’t become Prince’s mother and goes inside. Kulwant thinks that she has to do something.

Next day, Gill family decides to play cricket. Prince watch them playing cricket. Kulwant’s team plays very well. Rajveer and Seher’s team struggles to win. Karan says that seems like Rajveer’s team going to lose. Prince says that he won’t let his father’s team lose. He decides to bat. Then he runs to get score. Seher and Rajveer stops Prince from running because he have not recover completely. Prince says that he want play like others. Harleen asks them to stop the game. Seher picks Prince and runs whenever Prince has to run to get score. She gets injured while running. Prince blow off Seher’s injury. She tells him that she is fine and hugs him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher tells Harleen that Prince will accept her as his mother in a week.

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