Choti Sardarni 18th March 2022 Written Update: Prince becomes Seher’s friend


Choti Sardarni 18th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dolly asks Prince that if he liked playing cricket. He tells her that he enjoyed it but he missed Khushi so much. He asks her that won’t Khushi return. Dolly tells him that she doesn’t know about Khushi. She says to him about superhero story. He asks her that who is that superhero. She tells him that it’s Seher who saved his life and she is not a bad person. She adds that Seher loves Prince so much.

On the other hand, Seher asks Harleen to not send Prince to boarding school. She says that if Meher can become Param’s mother then why can’t she become Prince’s mother. Harleen tells her that Prince won’t accept her as his mother no matter what.

Prince comes there and asks Seher that can they become friends which surprises everyone. Seher nods at him. Then Rajveer sends Prince and Gullu from there. Harleen tells Seher that Prince made her friend that’s not mean that he will make her as his mother. Seher tells Harleen that Prince will call her as his mother in a week. Harleen says that if that happened then she will accept Seher and Rajveer as Prince’s parents.

Next day, Prince wakes up and wishes good morning to Seher and Rajveer. Seher tells him that today Prince has to join his new school. He denies. They convinces him to join the school. Seher helps him to get ready. Rajveer admires their bond. After some time, everyone gives gift to Prince for joining new school. Harleen compliments him and gives money to him to buy lunch in the canteen.

Seher takes the money from him and gives lunch box to him. She asks him to take his medicine during lunch break. He denies. She mixes the medicines in the prasad and makes him eat it. Then she tells him to take God’s blessings. Gullu wishes happy mother’s day to Ginni. Prince misses Khushi and leaves from there. Harleen tells Seher that Prince miss Khushi so much still.

Later, Kulwant tells God that Prince reminds her about the sin she committed. She tells Seher that she can’t see Prince like this. Seher tells her that she really wants to become Prince’s mother. Kulwant tells her that today she realised that the latter still misses Meher. Seher tells Rajveer to go to school without her.

In the school, Dolly teases Kulwant. Harleen wonders that why Seher didn’t come. Prince asks Rajveer about Seher. Rajveer tells him that Seher is busy and she will come later. Seher sees everything through video call and gets happy that Prince missing her.

Teacher announces that today’s topic is ” my mother “. She gives sheet to students and asks them to write about the topic. Prince tells Kulwant that his mother is not with him then what can he write. Everyone says about mother’s qualities. Prince recalls the moments he shared with Seher. And also how Seher saved him.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prince asks Harleen that if Seher is his mother.

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