Choti Sardarni 19th February 2022 Written Update: Param asks for time to take a decision


Choti Sardarni 19th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher tells Rajveer that they are husband and wife for the world. And even though she trust him, handling this situation is difficult for her. Moreover, they can’t ignore their responsibilities for their personal problems. Harleen tells Param that one side Khushi and other side Seher and he has to give justice. Rajveer and Seher comes there. Harleen asks Param that if he is going to think about Rajveer and Seher only or he will think about Khushi also.

He tells her that he doesn’t think that he is capable enough to take Sarab’s position. He says that it’s not easy to give justice when your family members standing in front of you and top of that he is not strong like Sarab. He announces that he understands his responsibility and he can’t take any decision in hurry so he will tell his decision tomorrow because he really needs time to think about it. He goes inside.

Kulwant tells Harleen that the latter is not asking justice but telling Param to choose one sister. Harleen tells her that she just wants justice. Kulwant says that it’s not easy for Param. Bittu and Ranna agrees with Kulwant. Then Ginni and Jeeto also supports Kulwant. Dolly says that these village people won’t understand the importance of justice and they can’t stop Param. Karan tells them that they can’t force Param to take one sister’s side. Khushi asks them that why they are behaving like this. And it looks like they are afraid that Param will take her side.

Dolly tells Kulwant that no one cares about Khushi. Kulwant says that Rajveer won’t take responsibility for anything because he is innocent. They starts arguing with each other. Rajveer gets frustrated and breaks the vase and leaves from there. Karan, Bittu and Ranna follows him. Kulwant is about to follow Rajveer but Seher stops her. Karan asks Rajveer to handle himself. Rajveer says that he is worried about Seher because she is suffering so much.

Seher congratulates Param for taking Sarab’s position. He asks her that if she is not worry about his decision. She says that she has her brother on her side. They talks about their childhood and smiles. She says that their parents must be happy for him. And he need not to get so stressed. Rajveer tells Karan that he is innocent and he don’t have strength to handle this situation. He says that he and Seher suffering without doing anything wrong. Karan tells him that everyone trust the latter and everything will be fine. Ranna asks Rajveer to trust himself and God.

Seher asks Param to just think about the truth and not care that who is standing in front of him. She says that everyone will accept his decision. He asks her to support his decision. Later, Rajveer tells Seher that they should take decision for their relationship not Param. She tells him that she knows that he is innocent but until they proves it they has to fight this battle. They feeds each other.

Episode ends.

Precap – Param asks God to help him to take the right decision.

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