Choti Sardarni 20th January 2022 Written Update: Karan back off from ‘swayamvar’


Choti Sardarni 20th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Karan takes the game board which he and his siblings used to play when they were kids. He tells Seher that this is the last thing which belongs to only him that’s why he hided it. He tells Kulwant that Harleen gave everything to Param and he really don’t care about properties and status but how can Harleen decides to give Meher’s ‘chunni’ to Param’s future wife. He asks them that what Harleen will say if he asks Meher’s ‘chunni’ for his future wife.

Seher asks Karan that if Harleen gave Meher’s ‘chunni’ to her then will he have problem with that too. He shook his head. She tells him that he has problem with Harleen not Param. She asks him that if he ever thought why it was easy for Harleen to instigate them against each other. She says that it’s her and Param’s mistake that they failed to make Karan feel secure. She tells him that their relationship is not that much weak. Ginni and Rajveer returns from temple. Seher tells everyone that Guruji gave medicine to treat Rajveer. She hugs Rajveer.

Meanwhile, Harleen finds the medicine box. She understands that medicine is for Rajveer and she plans to destroy it. She throws the bag outside when she heard footsteps. Robbie asks that what about swayamvar’s final round. Karan and Param says that Rajveer’s treatment is their first priority.

Seher and Rajveer enters their room. Seher searches her bag. Rajveer tells her that it must be here only. Everyone starts searching it. She tells them that they just has 4 hours. Rajveer tells himself that he is okay that if he can’t see again but he can’t see Seher’s breakdown.

Harleen finds the bag. Seher tells herself that she put the bag on the table only. She comes out to search the bag. Harleen hides from her. Seher finds the bag and takes it. She wonders that how it reached there. She goes inside and tells others that she found the bag. Harleen tells Robbie that Rajveer is really lucky.

Kulwant tells Seher that they just have 3 hours and asks her to start the treatment. Seher takes Rajveer to room and he lays down on the bed. On the other hand, Guruji’s staff notices that Guruji is tensed. Guruji tells her that it’s a testing time for Rajveer and Seher. He says that it won’t be easy to tolerate that burning sensation.

Seher asks Rajveer to not open his eyes until she finishes the treatment. She applies medicine on his eyes. He tells her that it’s burning. She asks him to not open his eyes. He screams in pain. Karan and Param holds him. Rajveer pushes everyone. Param hurts his hand so Karan ties handkerchief on the former’s hand. Rajveer apologizes to everyone. Seher tells Rajveer that he can see her if he tolerate his pain then. She asks him to not open his eyes for an hour. Karan tells Seher that he don’t want to marry now which shocks her. Harleen thinks that now she has to get rid of Rajveer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Harleen throws liquid on Rajveer’s eyes and he screams.

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