Choti Sardarni 22nd February 2022 Written Update: Kulwant questions Param


Choti Sardarni 22nd February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajveer tells Param that the latter trust Khushi over him that’s why he took this decision. He says that Param don’t even trust his and Seher’s love. Kulwant tells Param that it will create distance only in between Seher and Rajveer. Harleen tells her that Param took this decision to deliver justice to both of his sisters. Kulwant says that her heart said that Param won’t stand by injustice side but he is wrong today. She asks him that if he is happy with his decision. Dolly tells her that the latter is not happy because decision is in Khushi’s favor.

Khushi says that Kulwant flipped because Param’s decision is in her favor. Kulwant tells her that Rajveer is innocent. Harleen tells her that everyone has to accept Param’s decision. Kulwant says that she won’t accept it. Everyone starts arguing with each other. Seher asks them to stop it saying that she accepts Param’s decision. So from today she and Rajveer will stay in different rooms. She tells Rajveer that they are connected through hearts so they will fight this battle together.

Later, Kulwant tells her that the latter need not to accept Param’s decision. Seher tells her that Param must have his reason that’s why he took this decision. She says that she trust Rajveer and they are fighting to bring the truth out. So she will clear Khushi’s misunderstanding also. And moreover paternity test will expose everything. Kulwant tells her that the latter will win this battle.

On the other hand, Param enters his room and cries saying that how can he do this with Seher and Rajveer. He says that he can’t face his parents too. He tells Sarab that he can’t become like him. And he apologizes to Meher. Karan comes there and asks him to handle himself. He asks him that why the latter took this decision if he is also sad with it then. He says that Seher is hurt with Param’s decision. Param asks to leave him alone. Karan tells him that the latter left Seher alone. Param yells at him. And Karan leaves the room.

Rajveer packs Seher’s stuff. She asks him that why he is packing her stuff. He tells her that they are shifting to Babbar mansion because he won’t accept Param’s decision. He says that Khushi can file case against him if she wants justice then. But he won’t let anyone come in between them. She tells him that they can’t run away from this situation. He hugs her and says that others can’t separate them. She tells him that they should respect others feelings too. She convinces him to stay in Gill mansion. Rajveer shifts to another room. Gullu asks him to take Seher with him. Seher sees her and Rajveer model home and gets emotional.

Episode ends.

Precap – Rajveer and Seher misses each other. Prince meets Rajveer.

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