Choti Sardarni 22nd September 2021 Written Update: Rimple’s plan backfires


Choti Sardarni 22nd September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher starts cooking. Rajveer helps her from his room. She jumps in happiness and gives flying kiss to him. On the other hand, Rimple talks to herself saying that now she knows Rajveer and Seher’s secret and she has an evidence too. She waits for the right time to expose them in front of Didiji. She thinks that her priority is taking revenge from Seher and gets excited to witness the drama. Seher follows Rajveer’s instructions. Rajveer sees from his room that Seher doing everything properly or not. Meanwhile Rimple prepares some powder to mix in food. Her husband sees her with powder. She escapes by making an excuse.

Rajveer tells Seher that she stopped giving flying kiss to him. She glares him. Rimple sees Rajveer and he closes the window. Rimple’s husband gives rose to his wife and compliments her. She asks him that what happened to him suddenly and takes the bowl from table and moves towards Seher. She tells her that time over. Didiji also comes there. Seher tells them that she finished cooking. Rimple sees the dishes and praises Seher. Didiji also praises Seher and tells her that she invited important people from her party so she can’t disappoint them.

Rimple thinks that later Didiji will be shocked seeing her guests reaction after eating Seher’s handmade food. Gill family comes there. Seher gets happy seeing them. Didiji tells her that she invited them because they are also family members. Rimple asks Seher to get ready. Everyone leaves from there except Rimple. Rimple mixes powder in all the dishes and smiles saying that now guests will suffer after eating this. Then she will expose Rajveer and Seher’s marriage truth.

Seher enters her room and thanks Rajveer for helping her. She tells him that all the credit goes to him and he supported her like always. She says to him that sometimes she feels that how she is going to live without him. He notices injury on her hand and applies ointment. She tells him that she is fine. He thanks her for completing the impossible task. He tells her that he is sure that guests will be impressed with her after tasting her food. She goes to get ready.

Later, Didiji welcomes her guests. Param and Karan wonders that how Seher cooked. Badi B tells them that everything is possible for Seher because she has Rajveer’s support. Didiji announces that Seher cooked today. Servants, Rajveer and Seher serves. Rimple refuses to eat saying that she is not feeling well. Her husband brings soup for her. Guests praises the taste of food. Karan and Param praises Seher.

Rimple waits to see the reaction of guests. She asks her husband that why he is not eating. He tells her that he changed her powder. She shocks hearing him and asks him that what he did with her powder. He reveals that he mixed her powder in her soup. She starts coughing. Guests praises Seher which pisses off Rimple. Seher thanks the guests and tells them that Rajveer helped her. Rimple is about to scold Seher but powder starts working so she is not able to say anything and holds her stomach. Badi B supports Seher and Rajveer. Guests also agrees with her.

Episode ends.

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