Choti Sardarni 23rd February 2022 Written Update: Param reveals the truth to Rajveer


Choti Sardarni 23rd February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher recalls Param’s decision and also Rajveer’s reaction. Rajveer misses Seher and he could not sleep. Param recalls that how Seher accepted his decision. Devika finds out Param’s locker password. Rajveer video calls Seher and tells her that they did nothing wrong then why they are suffering like this. She tells him that she won’t let him miss her ( Jeena jeena song plays in the background ). Devika tells Khushi that they has to do something with Karan. Khushi tells her that nothing happening according to her plan too because Rajveer keep going away from her. Devika says that her plan got ruined too otherwise she would have left Gill mansion after getting money.

Rajveer asks Param that why the latter took this decision. He asks that who pressurized him to separate Seher from him. Param says that he trust Seher and Rajveer’s love but he didn’t had any other choice. Rajveer says that he will get mad if he can’t find out the reason then. Param tells him that if he had not take decision on Khushi’s favor then Harleen would have killed himself. He recalls that how Harleen emotionally blackmailed him to take decision on Khushi’s favor.

He tells him that he can’t face Seher and he knows that she won’t forgive him. He cries saying that he didn’t want to separate them but he didn’t had any other choice. Rajveer consoles him. He says that Seher accepted Param’s decision so he need not to worry. Param says that he disappointed everyone. Rajveer tells him that he can understand his situation and he respect his decision too so he won’t tell anyone about it. He says that he will bring proof to prove his innocence. And Seher will help him to find out the truth. Param promises to stand by truth and he believes that Rajveer will prove his innocence.

Dolly tells Harleen that she is glad that the latter emotionally blackmailed Param to take decision on Khushi’s favor. Kulwant hears that and taunts Harleen. Harleen tells her that she is doing everything for Khushi the way the latter did everything for Meher in the past.

Devika gets injured while saving Karan. Karan brings her to home. He tells his family everything. Kulwant tells Devika that the latter should have take care of herself too. Karan goes inside to bring the first aid box. He thinks that if he suspected Devika unnecessarily. Devika thanks Khushi for the idea in her mind. She thinks that she can tolerate this pain to win Karan’s trust.

Rajveer tries to get information from the people who attended party that night. He is about to break his mobile in frustration but Khushi stops him. He tells her that he won’t stay silent until he finds proof to prove his innocence. Seher comes there and tells khushi that she and Rajveer living in different rooms but she is still standing by Rajveer’s side. Later, Prince enters Gill mansion.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Prince says that now his family got completed.

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