Choti Sardarni 23rd September 2021 Written Update: Didiji decides to remind Rajveer about his promise


Choti Sardarni 23rd September 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Didiji tells Rimple that the latter didn’t eat anything then what happened to her. Seher gives home remedy to Rimple. Rimple throws the glass and goes to washroom. Rimple’s husband asks Seher to go to her room and he goes to call the Doctor. Rajveer tells Seher that Rimple just overreacted as usual and asks her to be happy that she completed the task.

Rimple comes out of the washroom. Didiji tells her that the latter doing wrong by behaving this way with Seher. Rimple tells her that Seher don’t care about anyone and she is such a cunning girl. She says to her that she won the challenge long back but just waited for the right time to reveal it to her. She tells her that Rajveer and Seher don’t love each other but they are just friends. She tells her that she even has evidence and plays the recording of Rajveer and Seher’s conversation. Didiji gets shocks hearing that. Rimple asks her to tell that who won the bet.

On the other hand, Seher tells Rajveer that they should act like husband and wife until her brothers case gets resolved. Didiji thinks that Rajveer and Seher did wrong. Later, Seher asks Rajveer to promise that he won’t hit her in sleep. She asks him to promise that he won’t snore. He tells her that it’s she who snores loudly. She tells him that he always crosses the pillow border. He promises to not trouble her.

Meanwhile Rimple wonders that why Didiji is reacting when she said this huge truth to her about Rajveer and Seher. She is sure that Didiji must be planning to do something but what’s that. She goes to Didiji’s room and finds no one there. Seher asks Rajveer that will he miss her once she leaves his house and lays on the bed. He lies to her that he won’t miss her and asks her that will she miss him. He notices that she slept already.

Rimple asks Servant about Didiji. Servant tells her about Didiji. Didiji apologizes to Sonu and she decides to remind Rajveer about his promise. She notices that Rimple searching her and talks to herself saying that she knows that Rimple want to know that why she didn’t react after learning about Rajveer and Seher’s truth.

Next day, Rajveer and Seher wakes up. She asks him that why he tied her leg with his leg. He tells her that he thought he was tying his legs with bed. She asks him to untie. She moves from there to pick Param’s call before Rajveer unties. Param asks her about Rimple’s health condition. She tells him that Rimple is fine. He tells her that surprise waiting for her and asks her to visit Gill mansion and disconnects the call. Rajveer unties Seher and she goes to get ready. During breakfast, Rimple asks Seher that when the latter going to tell good news. Didiji comes there. Everyone notices that her mood is off.

Episode ends.

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