Choti Sardarni 24th February 2022 Written Update: Prince meets Rajveer


Choti Sardarni 24th February 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Prince’s entry shocks Rajveer and Seher. He smiles seeing Rajveer and hugs him saying that he loves him. Khushi and Harleen comes there and looks at each other. Khushi recalls that how Harleen told her that for Rajveer just Seher matters so they should bring Prince to India. Prince tells Rajveer that the latter looks exactly the way he imagined. He says that his father didn’t come to meet him so he came to meet his father. He tells him that he got father finally and hugs him again. Rajveer hugs him back. Seher gets awkward seeing all that. Prince tells Rajveer that he missed him so much and asks him to don’t leave.

He tells Khushi that his father is sweet. And he will tell his friends that his father is more handsome than their father. He meets Seher and she hugs him. He introduces Rajveer as his father to her. He makes Rajveer and Seher do handshake. He asks Seher to click his, Rajveer and Khushi’s picture. Khushi says that Prince wanted a family picture. Prince says that he will show this picture to his friend who taunted him. Seher clicks their picture. Prince meets Harleen and Robbie. Then he takes everyone’s blessings.

Gullu and Prince meets each other. Khushi hopes that Prince’s childhood issue doesn’t come back seeing his over excitement. Prince faints. Khushi take him inside and asks to call the Doctor. Seher asks Rajveer to go inside. Rajveer stays with Prince for some time and comes downstairs. Seher asks Rajveer about Prince’s condition.

Khushi tells Harleen that she already knows that Prince can’t handle over excitement and shock. So they can’t tell Prince that Rajveer and Seher are husband and wife. She says that if Prince got fits again then they may lose him permanently. She tells Seher that Rajveer has whole life to prove his innocence but she can’t risk Prince’s life. She tells Rajveer that he has to take responsibility of Prince as his father. Robbie says that Rajveer and Seher has to make Prince believe that they are not husband and wife. Kulwant scolds them.

Khushi says that she will destroy everything which can prove that Rajveer and Seher are husband and wife for Prince’s safety. She is about to break Rajveer and Seher’s photo frame but Seher stops her. She says that Khushi don’t want to lose her child and she lost her child already so she can understand her fear. And Khushi need not to do all this, because everyone will do their best to save Prince. She says that she and Rajveer won’t behave like a husband and wife for Prince’s sake. Rajveer takes the photo frame from Seher. Then they removes all the photo frame together and cries. She runs inside and he is about to follow her. But Khushi stops him saying that Prince may get up anytime.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prince gives best daddy card to Rajveer.

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