Choti Sardarni 24th May 2022 Written Update: Bittu slaps Jeeto


Choti Sardarni 24th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Zorawar thinks that he fulfilled his mother’s dream finally. Scarlet brings champagne. He opens it and everyone claps. Kulwant comes there riding a horse. Dolly asks her that what kind of entry is this. Kulwant tells her that Zorawar failed to invite her when he opened new factory in her village that’s why she came to say that who is she. She asks Zorawar that why he wants those ladies to work in his factory. She adds that she heard that he even bought Baweja’s office to trouble them and Mannat. He tells her that he did everything as a businessman only.

He asks her to not come in between his and Mannat’s matter. She tells him that it’s those ladies matter and he is forcing them to work using machines. Dolly tells her that Zorawar did nothing wrong and it’s Mannat who always creates problems in Zorawar’s business. She adds that first Mannat didn’t let Zorawar build a resort in Dalhousie and now doing all this. She says that this factory is Zorawar’s dream and he is not snatching anything from anyone instead giving a job to those ladies. Kulwant tells her that Zorawar snatching those ladies freedom and asks her to not defend Zorawar. She says that she is Sarpanch of the village. Dolly says that Kulwant is ex Sarpanch of the village.

Zorawar says that he won’t interfere in Kulwant’s matters and she should not interfere in his business. She tells him that she don’t want to talk to him and Dolly. She asks him to bring his father. He tells her that he respects her because she is Dolly’s relative but that’s not mean that she can do whatever she wants to do. He adds that he is just doing his job and he won’t stop at any cost. He pleads her to leave from there. Dolly says that Kulwant is uninvited guest and mocks her. Zorawar leaves from there angrily. Dolly tells Kulwant that the latter ruined Zorawar’s special day and follows Zorawar. Mannat sees everything. She says that she won’t leave Zorawar for insulting Kulwant.

She goes to Kiara and asks her about Zorawar. Kiara tells her that the latter don’t know anything about Zorawar. She adds that Zorawar never got father’s love and he remembers their father’s hatred only. She asks her to not judge Zorawar without knowing anything. She says that this factory is their mother’s dream and leaves from there. Mannat thinks that Zorawar didn’t talk to his father because of ego. Dolly asks Zorawar to not let his anger become his weakness.

Mannat is about to fall because of slippery floor but Bittu holds her and scolds Jeeto. Mannat says that she didn’t notice the floor so it’s her mistake. Jeeto pushes Mannat and talks about her death. Kulwant holds Mannat. Bittu slaps Jeeto. She says that he slapped her for Mannat. He says that he won’t stay silent if Jeeto said anything to Mannat. He adds that he could not become good husband and good son but he want to become good father for Gullu and Mannat. Jeeto curses Mannat. Kulwant takes Mannat inside. Mannat cries saying that everything happening because of her. She says that she should not have involved Kulwant in Zorawar matter.

Episode ends.

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