Choti Sardarni 25th March 2022 Written Update: Prince denies to join boarding school


Choti Sardarni 25th March 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Harleen praises Prince for doing his home work. She tells him that they has to leave for holi puja once he finishes his home work. He tells her that he is not understanding how to solve this problem. She tries to make him understand it still he could not get it. So she scolds him and he leaves the room. He goes to Seher and asks her to help him. She teaches him in easy way and he understands very well. He tells her that he will come to her daily to do his home work. Harleen sees everything and plans to do something during holi puja.

After some time, Prince could not find new dress to wear it. Seher gives new dress to him saying that it’s a gift from her side for helping her. He thanks her. She tells him that he will look super cool in this dress. He asks her to help him to get ready. Later, Harleen says that Prince likes surprise so she planned a surprise for him. Prince hides behind Rajveer. Harleen tells Prince that he will like this surprise and plays a video. He asks her that if Khushi is there in that video.

She tells him that this is his new school and he will enjoy there. He asks her that if everyone will go there. She tells him that this is his new boarding school so only he will go. He tells her that he won’t go and goes to Rajveer. Everyone tells Prince that he need not to leave. Harleen tells Prince that he has to listen her. Prince holds Seher and Rajveer’s hands and tells Harleen that he won’t go anywhere leaving them.

Dolly asks Harleen that why the latter forcing Prince. Harleen says that everyone is against her but she don’t care about it. And only she has rights to take decision on Prince’s life. She drags Prince from there. Kulwant asks her to not drag kid in elders fight. Prince and Gullu goes inside.

Seher promises to Harleen that she won’t go near Prince. She pleads her to not send Prince to boarding school because he needs Rajveer and others love. She tells her that she won’t try to become Prince’s mother. Harleen asks her that if the latter is sure. Seher tells her that she is sure. Harleen tells her that she will test her then she will take decision. She asks her to stay in Babbar mansion and Rajveer has to stay in Gill mansion and leaves from there.

Rajveer tells Seher that Prince can’t stay away from her. Kulwant tells herself that Seher left Prince for his happiness. She thinks that she did wrong with someone in the past. On the other hand, Mannat buys sweets.

Seher makes sweet dish for Prince. Prince asks Rajveer about Seher because she said that they will make sweet dish together. Seher signals Rajveer to not tell about her to Prince. Then she hides from Prince. Rajveer plays with Prince and Gullu. Prince smells sweet dish. He understands that Seher making sweet dish and moves towards kitchen. Seher realises that Prince coming to kitchen.

Episode ends.

Precap – Prince says that he is angry at Seher for making sweet dish without him.

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