Choti Sardarni 25th May 2022 Written Update: Zorawar meets Inderpal


Choti Sardarni 25th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mannat tells Kulwant that she won’t leave Zorawar for insulting the latter. She regrets for telling about Zorawar to Kulwant. Kulwant tells her that the latter is not wrong. She says that they can teach a lesson to Zorawar later. She adds that Bittu took a stand for Mannat today. She says that Jeeto will understand that parent and child relationship is deep. Mannat recalls Kiara’s words about Zorawar and Inderpal’s relationship. She thinks that Zorawar does not talk to Inderpal but he may have kept something with him to remember Inderpal. Kulwant asks her to not worry about anything because she will handle everyone. Mannat finds a way to teach a lesson to Zorawar.

Later, Mannat sneaks into Gill mansion. She hides seeing Dolly. Scarlet comes there hearing a noise. Mannat makes a noise of lion. Scarlet gets scared and runs from there. Mannat sneaks into Zorawar’s room and opens the cupboard and learns about Zorawar’s father name and address. She finds Inderpal’s picture and takes it. She closes the cupboard and turns around to leave. She gets shocked seeing Zorawar in front of her.

He holds her hand and says that he won’t leave that Randhawa. He repeats the line. She understands that he sleep walks. She asks him to leave her hand and sleep. She takes him to the bed and helps him to lay down on the bed. He pulls her towards him. She escapes from the room. She understands that Zorawar was talking about Inderpal. She says that when Zorawar hates his father this much then why will he respect Kulwant. She adds that she won’t leave Zorawar and leaves from there.

Next day, Dolly tells Zorawar that she knows that today is special day for him and she is happy for him. Kiara says that she is so proud of Zorawar. They reaches the factory. Zorawar thanks the guests for coming. He says that this factory is his mother’s blessing and her portrait will make them feel her presence. Mannat comes there. He opens the portrait and gets shocked seeing Inderpal’s portrait. Dolly and others too gets shocked seeing the portrait. Mannat smirks. Zorawar recalls that how Inderpal treated him.

Inderpal comes there. Zorawar sees him. They moves towards each other. Inderpal hugs Zorawar. He tells him that the latter didn’t talk to him from the last 15 years but finally understood his value. He notices his portrait and praises it which angers Zorawar. He reveals that Mannat invited him. Zorawar takes the rod and breaks the portrait. Mannat leaves from there. Zorawar also leaves from there. Inderpal is about to follow him. But Dolly stops Inderpal and tells him that because of his behaviour his kids doesn’t live with him. Kiara says that Inderpal did nothing for them and leaves from there.

Meanwhile, Zorawar recalls Inderpal’s words and stops his car in front of Mannat’s bike. He picks her and puts her in his car. She screams for help and asks him to stop the car. But he ignores her screamings and drives his car.

Episode ends.

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