Choti Sardarni 25th November 2021 Written Update: Didiji learns about Rajveer’s arrival


Choti Sardarni 25th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Reema screams in pain and Kulwant asks her to push it more. Azar tells Spokesperson that he will allow just one person to refill the fuel of the flight. Firoz moves towards his wife Zabana. One passenger helps him to sit beside Zabana. Firoz realises that Sabana died and cries. He asks others that what happened to his wife and why no one telling anything. Bilal smirks seeing him.

Meanwhile, Reema gives birth to her baby. Kulwant congratulates Reema saying that it’s a girl and she thanks God. Seher asks her that why baby is not crying. Kulwant asks her to pat on baby. Seher pats on baby’s shoulder and talks to her and asks her to respond for Reema’s sake. Reema gets worried and looks at her baby and Seher. Baby cries and all the ladies gets relieved. Everyone in the flight hears baby’s crying sound. Seher congratulates Reema and gives the baby to her.

Firoz asks them again that what happened to Zabana. Bilal hurts his injured leg deliberately. Firoz screams in pain and then he screams ‘Vande Mataram’. Everyone joins him except Terrorists. Bilal shoots Firoz and everyone gets silent. Seher sees Firoz’s dead body hiding from others and cries. She informs other ladies about Firoz’s death. Kulwant consoles the crying Seher. She tells something to them and motivates them to fight against Terrorists.

Didiji asks Spokesperson that why Terrorists killing now when they agreed to fulfill their demands. She asks him to find out that who died now. Reema puts her baby in safe place and thinks that she will get her revenge from these Terrorists. Seher promises that she won’t let anything happen to her baby.

Rajveer gets in the van which going to refill fuel. He makes the driver lose his consciousness and takes driver seat. Azar shows the fuel van to Bilal and asks him to check it. Spokesperson tells his team that until he orders no one should fire the gun. Rajveer asks Seher to not worry because he is reaching her to save her. He stops the vvan near flight Bilal comes there and asks him to refill fuel soon because he don’t have much time.

Azar hears some noise and moves towards it. Seher notices that she dropped the chain which Rajveer gifted her. She is about to take it but Kulwant interrupts her. Rajveer fights with Bilal. Seher and others attacks Terrorists. Azar is about to attack Kulwant but Rich lady saves her. Then Rich lady apologizes to Kulwant and Seher. They ties Azar and his team.

Didiji sees Rajveer and wonders that how he came there. Police and Army rescues passengers. Azar tells Spokesperson that it won’t end with this. Seher tells him that from now on he should not underestimate anyone.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Bilal pushes Seher and tries to kill Reema’s baby.