Choti Sardarni 25th October 2021 Written Update: Badi Bi decides to seek Kulwant’s help


Choti Sardarni 25th October 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher finds the letter which was sent by soan papdi vendor. She recalls that how one kid from that orphanage signalled her. She decides to visit that orphanage. On the other hand, Omkar notices that his notes are missing and he informs about it to others. He tells them that his notes reached God so God will send angel to save them and they can get rid of this jail like orphanage. Everyone gets happy hearing him and they dances. Then they gets afraid seeing Warden. She yells at them and tells them that Omkar crossed his limits by seeking help from outside for freedom.

She asks them to see Omkar for one last time. He tells her that he won’t write note from now on. Other kids asks Warden to forgive Omkar. She ignores their pleadings and drags Omkar from there. Security guard tells her that one big party came with gifts. She ties Omkar and leaves from there. She gets excited to receive donation.

Seher notices the pictures of orphanage kids and thinks that they seems like happy only in this orphanage. One kid comes there and praises about Warden to Seher. She recalls that how Warden threatened to not tell the truth to the guest. Seher asks her that is the latter living happily in this orphanage. Kid nods at her. Warden comes there with other kids. All the kids acts like they are closed to Warden.

Seher introduces herself to Warden and tells her that her parents used to visit this orphanage and she came to donate. She praises her and gives gifts to kids. Omkar sees Seher and assumes her as angel. He unties himself and moves towards her. Seher gives chocolate to one kid. That kid tells her that she never ate chocolate which shocks the latter. Warden changes the topic.

Badi Bi asks Rimple and Didiji that why they scared Tricky. Rimple tells her that the latter know the reason already. Badi Bi asks them that what they did with Tricky. Didiji confesses that how they scared Tricky. Badi Bi yells at them. Didiji asks her to not raise voice. Rimple tells Badi Bi that the latter don’t have any evidence against them so the latter should leave the house. She throws her out of the room. Badi Bi tells herself that they are doing mistake and she decides to bring strong opponent against them. Meanwhile, Kulwant screams seeing Meher’s picture.

Seher asks Omkar that why he is wearing this dress. She notices his injuries and questions him about it. One of the kid tells her that Omkar fell from tree while playing. She acts like coughing and Warden goes inside to bring water. She asks Kids to tell the truth because she came to help them. She shows Omkar’s notes to them and asks them that who wrote those notes. They notices CCTV camera and lies to her that she misunderstood because they are really happy and no one wrote those notes. Warden returns and Seher is about to leave but Omkar stops her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Badi Bi reaches the mental asylum to meet Kulwant.

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