Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update: Zorawar and Mannat stuck in the forest


Choti Sardarni 27th May 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Dolly and Kulwant argues with each other. Kiara pleads them to focus on finding Zorawar and Mannat. Karan agrees with her and says that finding Mannat and Zorawar should be their priority. Kulwant and Dolly glares each other. On the other hand, Zorawar says that he wants water. Mannat finds water and shows it to him. He tells her that he can’t drink this much dirty water. She tells him that they can drink after filtering it because this is what available in this forest. She makes a cup using leaf and fills it with water and gives it to him.

He drinks it and shares with her saying that she must be thirsty too which surprises her. They shares an eye lock. She also drinks water. She says that they have to keep walking or else they have to spend night in the forest which is dangerous. He tells her that he is hungry. She mocks him and asks him to wait. They starts walking. Goons searches Zorawar and Mannat to kill them.

Zorawar tells Mannat that he may die if he doesn’t eat anything then. She taunts him. He finds some fruits and starts eating it. She asks him to throw it saying that they are poisonous. She tells him to vomit or else he may die. He struggles to vomit. She scolds him and asks him to vomit. He tries but fails. She tells him that they should visit Doctor after leaving the forest.

He feels dizzy and starts laughing seeing five Mannat. She asks him to stop laughing and walk. He imitates her and starts running. She wonders that what happened to him. She thinks that what if it’s a side effect of those fruits. He climbs tree. She asks him to come down but he refuses. Meanwhile, Ranna consoles the worried Bittu. Dolly and Bittu fights with each other.

Zorawar jumps from the tree. Mannat gets worried and asks him that if he is fine. He starts crying saying that she is so bad. He tells her that his life is not easy. She asks him to stop crying. He says that he won’t listen her and faints. She asks him to open his eyes but no response from him. She wonders that what should she do. She thinks that they have to leave the forest at any cost.

Later, Zorawar regains consciousness and finds Mannat applying mud on his hands. He asks her that what is she doing and stay away from him. She tells him that she was applying mud to protect him from mosquitoes. He tells her that he is not habituated to that. Mosquitoes starts biting him. She tells him that these are forest mosquitoes so he should apply mud. He applies it. Goon tells Jeeto’s mother that it’s already night still they could not find Zorawar and Mannat.

Mannat helps Zorawar to get rid of leech. He gets memorized seeing her close and then comes to the reality. She brings him food to eat. He says that he would have eat food made by Kiara if he was in the house then. She asks him that if he never celebrated his birthday. He nods at her.

Episode ends.

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