Choti Sardarni 28th November 2021 Written Update: Kulwant prays for Seher’s life


Choti Sardarni 28th November 2021 Written Update on

Episode begins with Police inspector tells public that stopping him from doing his duty is also one of the crime. Pawan’s mother shows Pawan’s dead body to him and informs him about her son. She tells him that Seher could not save Pawan’s life but she saved others life. She says to him that, that’s why here everyone praying for Seher’s life and Rajveer’s presence is needed here. She asks him to arrest everyone if he wants to arrest Rajveer then. He agrees to wait until Seher regains her consciousness. He tells Rajveer that the latter need to go with them once Seher regains her consciousness.

In the operation theater, Seher’s heart rate becomes low. Dr Gayatri gives electric shock to her but could not save her. Seher takes her last breathe. Everyone cries and Rajveer enters the room. Doctor tells Rajveer that they tried their best but could not save Seher. Rajveer recalls that how Seher said that she will part ways with him permanently when she visited him in jail.

Kulwant stares Seher blankly. Karan and Param cries a lot. Rajveer tells Dr Gayatri that nothing happened to Seher so no should say anything about her. He asks Seher to open her eyes and tells her that she can’t leave him like this. He holds her hand and asks her to listen him. He confesses that she is his everything and his heart beats just because of her and he can’t live without her. He tells her that she is fine and he won’t let anything happen to her too and he is even ready to fight against God and asks her to open her eyes.

Dr Gayatri tells him that Seher is no more. He yells at her saying that Seher won’t go anywhere leaving him and he would have died too if anything happened to Seher then. He asks Doctors to continue the treatment because Seher is fine. He tells Seher that no one believing him and asks her to open her eyes to prove that he is right. Dr Gayatri goes to Kulwant and asks her to handle Rajveer. Kulwant ignores her and asks God that why he is punishing Seher when she just saved innocent people’e lives. She asks him to return Seher to her and starts praying. Everyone joins her. Kulwant leaves for temple.

Meanwhile, Doctor asks Rajveer to handle himself. Rajveer hears prayer sound and tells Seher that God is with them. He pleads Dr Gayatri to start the treatment. Dr Gayatri gives electric shock to Seher but no response.

Seher sees her baby in her dream. She apologizes to baby saying that she can’t stay away from Rajveer. Baby tells her that the latter gave lot of love so need not to apologize. Meher takes Seher’s baby from her. She tells her that the latter’s baby will return to her and gets vanished.

Dr Gayatri gives electric shock to Seher again to revive her heart beat but no response. Rajveer asks her that why Seher is not opening her eyes. She tells him that Seher is no more.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher survives. Police gets ready to arrest Rajveer.

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