Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2022 Written Update: Seher decides to conduct a DNA test for proving Raj’s innocence


Choti Sardarni 3rd March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Khusi telling Seher to leave else Prince will cry again. Khusi says she won’t let Seher stay here else Prince wont stop crying. Raj tries to stop Khusi but She tells him not to interfere saying it’s the matter of two sisters. She takes Seher outside and tells her to leave. Seher explains she did all these for Prince’s good but Khusi is overreacting. Khusi gives a condition to Seher. She says she wants one year from Seher. Raj will stay with Prince in that one year as Prince loves him the most. After one year Raj will come back to Seher and she won’t trouble her again. Seher leaves without answering.

Khusi thinks she will take one year from Seher for sure. Raj looks for Seher and gets worried for her. Everyone in the house searches for Seher and Raj gets hyper. Khusi says Seher is not a kid, she will come back. Raj scolds Khusi for insulting Seher. He says because of Khusi only, Seher left the house.

Khusi talks to her partners and she says she planned to take one year from Seher knowingly and eventually Raj will become hers too after staying with Prince. Khusi assumes that Seher understood she can’t win over her so she left maybe. Raj gets pissed as Khusi is making his and Seher’s lives hell. Biji calms him down. Raj recalls he told Seher she should not leave him because of Khusi’s taunts. Seher says even if she leaves he should know that she wants to handle the situation on her own but she is not leaving him alone. Raj stops the car saying he feels Seher is trying to find a solution, he trusts her.

Khusi dances with Prince saying she sent Seher away forever from him. Now he can stay with Raj forever. Prince talks about Seher gave him presents. Khusi gets suspicious and learns Seher gave a hairbrush to Prince too. Khusi understands that Seher will conduct DNA test to know if Prince is Raj’s son. But she will know that easily that Raj is Prince’s father. Seher enters the hospital and recalls Raj’s words that he is not lying, he is not Prince’s father. Seher says she has to collect proof against Khusi. She recalls that she can’t stay with Raj even after getting married just because of Khusi’s lie.

Khusi thinks she will get the report before Seher gets that. She asks the receptionist but the latter denies. Khusi then asks a guy to give her the report. She says she will give him a lot of money. He agrees and Khusi says now Seher can’t do anything. Prince hugs Raj and the latter tells him about Seher and praises her saying she loves Prince a lot. Seher reaches darga and says she had no choice. She knows Raj is innocent but she has to prove that Khusi is lying. After the report comes everything will be clear. Khusi checks the report and sees the result is negative. She thinks but how is it possible. She spent night with Raj only. Seher prays for her and Raj’s relationship. Khusi says she never thought Seher will stoop so low.

Precap- Seher checks the report and gets shocked seeing the result is positive.

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