Choti Sardarni 4th March 2022 Written Update: Raj gets heartbroken hearing Seher’s decision


Choti Sardarni 4th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raj getting worried for Seher. He says he is getting mad, he is about to search for Seher but the latter comes in and says they don’t need to find her now. Raj feels relieved and then he asks her where was she? Seher says she wanted to know the truth so she conducted the DNA test of Raj and Prince. Raj gets happy hearing that and he kisses her forehead. He says now the truth will be out finally that he is not Prince’s father. Kulwant also gets happy and then Seher says Raj is living in delusion. He thinks a lie as truth. But the reality is he is Prince’s father. Raj gets shocked hearing that. He says that’s not true he is not Prince’s father. He was not with Khusi that night. Raj gets restless and says what he can do to make her trust him. He is not lying. Jagga gets angry and tries to attack Raj saying now the latter should stop acting. Raj also gets furious and says he will kill Jagga if he blames him unnecessarily. All the family members stop both of them from fighting.

Raj tries to convince Seher but in vain. Khusi starts her acting that he should accept she spent night with him and Prince is his child. Can’t he see love in Prince’s eyes. He loves his father a lot. Raj shouts at her saying she should stop her drama. She is a liar. Dolly and Harleen start blaming Raj for betraying Seher. Karan and Param says they should not come to a conclusion and can again conduct the DNA test. Harleen says this is not a joke. DNA test is the ultimate test. Seher’s brother says they should not do injustice to Seher. Harleen says but the truth is out so he can’t break his promise of supporting Khusi.

Kulwant and Dolly get into a fight over the matter. Seher finally says she will give Raj to Khusi for one year and till then Raj will stay with Prince and Khusi. Later her family will decide if she can stay with Raj or not. Raj tells Khusi how cheap she is that she gave this condition to Seher. Kulwant asks Seher to not take such a decision as Raj is her husband. He loves her. Seher is adamant. Dolly encourages Seher saying she took the right decision and thought about her cousin sister. Kulwant taunts her for not seeing Seher’s pain. Raj gets heartbroken. Khusi smirks.

Precap – Seher asks Khusi that she wants to stay with her until the marriage finishes. Prince asks Raj why Seher wants to stay with them.

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