Choti Sardarni 5th August 2021 Written Update : Rajveer decides to leave Canada


Choti Sardarni 5th August 2021 Written Update On

Episode begins with Karan tells Seher that from now on he and Param will do everything together and she need not to worry about the groom because he is good looking and rich too and informs her that he and Param coming to Canada to meet her. Seher tries to say something but her brothers didn’t let her speak and Kunal signals her to not say anything. Karan tells Param that seems like Seher feeling shy hearing about her marriage and disconnects the call.

Seher asks Kunal that why he stopped her. He tells her that he knows that how much she wanted to see her brothers together and first time they are going to travel together so he don’t want her to tell about him to her brothers now. She tells him that he is right and teases him saying that so many rich and handsome guys waiting to marry her so she decided to meet them. He chases her and she apologizes to him for the joke and promises to him that they won’t separate.

On the other hand, Rajveer cries and packs his clothes. Nikhil asks him that what the latter doing. Rajveer tells him that he is returning to India. Nikhil tells him that the latter still has chance because any time break up can happen and asks him to not return now.

Rajveer tells him that Seher loves Kunal and he don’t want her to get separated from her love and he don’t want her heart to break. He notices the gift and tells him that he brought this for Seher so while leaving he want to put this outside Seher’s house. Nikhil asks him that what about the latter’s heart break.

Seher gets emotional thinking that her brothers first time travelling together and tells Kunal that they are her strength and also her weakness so what if they didn’t accept him. He wipes her tears and they hears footsteps so he opens the door. Rajveer gives the gift to him and notices that Seher crying and asks her that what happened. She informs him about her brothers arrival.

Karan and Param shows the groom list to Badi B. She asks them to ask Seher first that Seher loves anyone or not. Karan tells her that if Seher loves someone then she would have informed them. She thinks that she knows that Seher can sacrifice her happiness to see her brothers together.

Rajveer asks Seher to not worry and he will make sure that her brothers likes Kunal and asks her that does she believe him. She tells him that she believes him and hugs him. Rajveer’s sister hears everything and tells Nikhil to let Rajveer do whatever he wants to do and she will do that what she wants to do.

Next day, Rajveer tells Nikhil that today is an important day for Seher and asks him to not disturb him and leaves from there. Nikhil receives something from Rajveer’s sister and talks to himself saying that today Seher’s brothers can’t like Kunal. Seher informs Kunal that she is going to pick up her brothers. Param informs Badi B that they landed safely. One guy is about to hit Param with his car and instead of apologizing to Param, he tries to attack him and Rajveer stops him. That guy’s friends too surrounds them. Karan gets ready to fight. Rajveer warns that guy to not mess with him today.

Episode ends.