Choti Sardarni 5th January 2022 Written Update: Rajveer reminds Harleen about her promise


Choti Sardarni 5th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher tells Rajveer that he didn’t say that how she is looking today. He hesitates and she says that he can see her. He touches her face to feel her and compliments her. He asks her to stay away from her tears. She says that his tears are uninvited too and hugs him. She tells him that it’s time to sleep and she makes him lay down on the bed and lays beside him.

On the other hand, Karan returns the gifts Param gave him. He tells him that he is ready to sign on all the papers which the latter wants him to do. He says that he would have left the house if Seher didn’t need him now then. Param says that seems like Karan became jealous of him because he is now president of the party. Karan tells him that the latter became greedy. Kulwant yells at them for fighting. Param tells her that she always scolds him because for her Karan is always right. She tells him that she is scolding both and Seher’s happiness is her priority now. She asks them to go to their room silently.

Next day, Rajveer wakes up and touches Seher’s face. He thinks that she must be glowing now. He decides to become independent for her happiness and he leaves the room. Seher wakes up and searches Rajveer. He reaches the balcony. She notices him and runs towards upstairs to save him. He thinks that he don’t want to become burden on Seher. She hears glass breaking sound. He is about to fall from balcony but she drags him and hugs him tightly. He gets confused with her behaviour.

She says that she came to wish good morning. He understands that he is about to fall and tells her about it. She lies that she just came running to hug him that’s it. She says that they are team ‘SehRaj’ and they can make everything fine together. And also they has their family support. He thinks that he won’t let her cry again and it’s time to remind Harleen about her promise.

After some time, Rajveer goes to Harleen’s room and tells her that he can’t see now but he is not stupid. He reminds her about her promise. She says that she remembers that and she needs Seher’s help to fulfill that. She puts the skating board in front of him. And he falls down and she leaves the room. He searches his white cane and Seher comes there and asks him that what is he doing. He smells the food and asks her to feed him.

Later, Seher tells Kulwant that she can’t see Rajveer like this and informs her about balcony incident. She says that he is breaking from inside and she wants him to see again. Kulwant suggests about ayurveda treatment and says that Meher’s Guruji will help them for sure. Meanwhile, Guruji treats his patient. Seher tells Kulwant that this is their last chance and hopes for the best.

Episode ends.

Precap – Seher visits Gurujii. He says that he don’t want to see her face and asks her to not return.

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