Choti Sardarni 6th January 2022 Written Update: Harleen’s announcement surprises Gill family


Choti Sardarni 6th January 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Seher asks Kulwant to take her to Guruji. On the other hand, Media reporter interviews Guruji. She asks that why he wears this particular outfit while treating his patients when he is a modern person. He says that no one believes that if he treats his patient wearing jeans and t-shirt that’s why he wears this simple traditional outfit while treating his patients because trust also needed in treatment.

Rajveer gets frustrated when he hurted his hand by mistake. Seher comes there and tries to take his hand but he doesn’t let her do it. He locks himself in a washroom and cries. Seher cries outside the washroom. He comes out and she doesn’t let him feel her presence and remains silent. She thinks that she is going to visit Guruji for sure because she can’t see Rajveer like this.

Media reporters reaches the Gill mansion for press conference. Kulwant wonders that why Harleen invited them. Harleen welcomes media reporters. Seher tells Karan that she is with him now. Harleen announces that it’s her who made Param the president of Sarab’s party because he is biological son of Sarab. Rajveer comes there. She notices him and recalls that how Rajveer asked her to announce that Karan also has equal rights in everything which belongs to Sarab. She thinks that she has to do all this because of him. She says that upbringing is also important not just blood that’s why she called them to announce something important. She brings Karan and Seher to the stage.

Seher says that Harleen should not try to create rift between her brothers today. Harleen thinks that her day will come one day. She announces that Param, Karan and Seher has equal rights on everything which belongs to Sarab which shocks Param. Rajveer smiles hearing her. Kulwant wonders that how Harleen changed suddenly and she hopes that Param and Karan becomes one. Seher tells Karan that everything will be fine like she said.

Media reporters asks that if Param and Karan going to start everything new forgetting the past. They talks about past incidents. Seher asks them to not talk about past. Karan says that everything is fine between him and Param. Param says that they should think about the future.

Harleen announces that she has one more surprise and she wants Param and Karan to unveil it. Param and Karan unveils their family portrait which has Karan’s picture too. Then Param leaves from there angrily. Kulwant asks Seher to go to Guruji saying that she will handle everything here. She hopes that Guruji’s treatment will cure Rajveer.

After some time, Seher reaches Guruji’s place. Param asks Harleen that what is all this. She asks him to calm down and says that she did everything for his benefit. Param says that he trust her and Seher should not face any problem because of this. Karan tells Kulwant that everything is just a show-off. She asks him to trust God. He tells her that Seher needs him.

Seher introduces herself to Guruji and informs him about Rajveer and pleads him to cure Rajveer. He asks her to not come in front of him again because he don’t want to see anyone from Meher’s family. She says that she will convince him for sure.

Episode ends.

Precap – Robbie insults Rajveer. And Seher takes a stand for Rajveer.

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