Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Update: Zorawar calls Mannat on the marriage day


Choti Sardarni 9th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Mannat’s mehndi ceremony begins. Jeeto says that she don’t want to apply Mehndi. Kulwant compliments Mannat. Nirvair and his father comes there. Nirvair’s father apologizes to Kulwant for not attending the engagement. Kulwant tells him that now she feels that nothing bad will happen. Mehndi lady tells Mannat she finished the design. Mannat gets shocked seeing Z letter in her mehndi design. She asks her that why the latter wrote Z. Mehndi lady tells her that she wrote N and shows it.

On the other hand, Scarlet’s mehndi ceremony happens. Dolly notices that Zorawar seems upset. She goes to him and tells him that he can’t back off now. Nirvair father asks Kulwant that if everything is fine because Mannat does not look happy. She tells him that Mannat going to leave her house that’s why she is like this. She goes to Mannat and tells her that the latter’s sadness can ruin everything. She asks her to smile and save her respect. She takes her to the dance floor. Mannat dances and runs from there.

Meanwhile, Zorawar dances and runs from there. Mannat gets drenched in the rain and dances. Zorawar also gets drenched in the rain and dances. They sees each other and they hugs each other. They starts dancing and it turns out to be their imagination. Kiara brings a umbrella for Zorawar. Bittu notices that Mannat’s leg bleeding and stops her and tells her about her bleeding. He adds that she must be in pain. She tells him that she is in pain but not because of injury.

Kulwant learns that Mannat applied the mehndi which came from Zorawar’s house. She throws the mehndi bowl and washes Mannat’s hand. Nirvair’s father asks Kulwant that if everything is fine. Kulwant apologizes to him and lies to him Mannat is allergic to mehndi and she has no idea about it. Karan asks everyone to have food. Kulwant drags Mannat to a room. Mannat asks Kulwant that what the latter doing. Kulwant tells her that the latter applied Zorawar’s name mehndi.

Next day, Zorawar talks to her mother’s photo. He tells her that he is not able to tell Dolly that he loves Mannat and want to marry her. He says that he wants one chance to tell the truth to Dolly. He adds that he can’t marry Scarlet when he loves Mannat. He asks her to stop this marriage. He calls Mannat and asks her that won’t she ask that why he called her. She asks him that why he called her.

He wishes all the best to her for her new journey. She asks him that if this is what he wanted to say. He apologizes to her for the pain he gave her. She tells him that she will pray for his happiness. She says to him that he must be looking like prince now. He tells her that he knows that she is the most beautiful bride in this world. He asks about the answer of the riddle. She asks him to think from heart to find the right answer.

Episode ends.

Precap – Mannat tells Bittu that she loves Zorawar. She pleads him to stop this marriage.

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