Choti Sardarni 9th March 2022 Written Update: Abinash gets arrested


Choti Sardarni 9th March 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Seher’s uncles and Kulwant forcing Abinash to tell the truth. Abinash finally blurts out the truth that when Raj took Khusi to room she was drunk. He left the room and then Abinash entered. He spent night with Khusi. Abinash accepts that Prince is his child. Khusi is unable to believe that and says Abinash can’t do this to her. He is her friend. Khusi is about to faint and everyone consoles her. Seher slaps Abinash angrily and says this slap is for using her sister and raping her. Seher says Abinash showed the fake video to misguide her only to cover up his crime. She says she will call the police and he will get arrested.

Raj hugs Seher saying he knew she wont let anything wrong happen to him. Seher says she didn’t give up easily. Prince thinks Seher snatched his father. Khusi gets jealous seeing them. Abinash tries to run away but Param stops him. Seher takes Abinash to Khusi and tells her to punish him as he is not her friend but an enemy. Khusi says that’s not true. Seher manipulated Abinash and now wants to make him Prince’s dad. She keeps on saying Raj is Prince’s dad and he was with her. She loves him. Abinash says Khusi can’t even believe that he is Prince’s dad. He accuses her of taking advantage of his friendship. He obeyed all her words and made her happy but she chose Raj as her partner which he couldn’t tolerate. So he took revenge by using Khusi as she did the same.

Raj asks him to not cross his limits else he will kill him. Abinash says but the truth is he loves Khusi and he is ready to marry her as well. They should not call the police. Seher says if he loves her then why he hid the truth from her and didn’t take his child’s responsibility. Now he is scared of police so he wants to marry Khusi. Abinash says he didnt want a child thus he showed them the fake video. Seher slaps him again saying she hates him. Raj says what kind of love is this. Abinash asks for apology and says he can even accept Prince now. Seher says that’s his drama to avoid getting arrested. Jagga says he will shoot him for using Khusi. Abinash gets arrested.

Kulwant tells Khusi to forget the past mishap and she should move on. Khusi says they are all conspiring against her. Raj is Prince’s father and she has been telling this to Prince from the start. She can’t tell him that Raj is not his father. Harleen tries to make her understand that Raj is not Prince’s father but in vain. Param comes and says at first his decision was wrong for Seher and Raj as he was influenced by Harleen. But now when everything is cleared Khusi should accept Raj is not Prince’s father. Khusi says he is blind and lecturing her. She reveals his would be wife is a fraud. She is a thief and her family too is part of it. They don’t belong to a royal family. Everyone gets shocked hearing that.

Precap- Seher tells Khusi not to lie. Khusi says she is not a liar but they can check Devika’s room to find out the truth

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